health psychology and human diversity

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4) Stress and Coping
What are the four main features o...,
What factors influence the effect...,
What is the value in using the tr...
30  cards
5) Cultural Diversity
Briefly explain the idea of cultu...,
Why is it idiotic to base someone...,
Why is diversity important to hea...
3  cards
6) Child Psychological Development
When does a baby start to form sp...,
What are the positive outcomes of...,
What was ainsworth s stranger sit...
25  cards
1) Introduction, ageing and stereotypes
What is health psychology,
What is the biomedical model,
Describe the 3 factors that have ...
15  cards
7) Psychological Therapies and Interventions
What is classical conditioning,
What is operant conditioning,
What are the four main groups of ...
21  cards
8) Dying, bereavement and sexual dysfunction
Why are there less experiences of...,
Why are death rates falling in en...,
What is the current uk life expec...
30  cards
9) LGBT Health
What is sexual orientation,
Describe the difference between g...,
What is the gender binary model
12  cards
2) Theories of Health Behaviour
What are health related behaviour...,
What are the three main theories ...,
Describe what is meant by the the...
17  cards
3) Health behaviour and adherence
What is compliance why is this te...,
What is adherence why is this a b...,
What are some of the issues with ...
10  cards
10) Breaking bad news
Is giving a diagnosis of a chroni...,
Why is it important to tell patie...,
What does each letter in the spik...
3  cards

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health psychology and human diversity

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