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What are the 2 stimuli for the dance?

Brazilian culture
‘A Linha Curva’ means a curved line


What are the 2 choreographic intentions for the dance?

How men show off to women
To have fun


What are the 2 choreographic approaches?

Dancers created their own phrases that reflected their personalities


What are the styles of the dance?



What are the 2 kinds of lighting in A Linha Curva?

Multi-coloured squares of light, there are 49 squares.
A white wash in the samba section, the showing off section and battle section.


What is the lighting like in the dance?

During the lively, festival sections the lighting is a colourful grid formation that helps to create an exciting atmosphere (like a carnival.)
During the women’s segment the lighting is more mysterious and creates a more ominous tone.
During the Battle sections the light is a white wash and seems more intense.


How does the lighting communicate the 2 stimuli and the choreographic intent?

Brazilian Culture - Vibrant colours suggest a festival, party or carnival.
The curved line - The grid lighting is always in a line.
Choreographic intent of having fun - colours suggest a party or celebration.


How many dancers are in a Linha Curva?

28 dancers


What is the costume like in a Linha Curva?

Black tops are worn by everyone which contrasts the bright colours.
Brightly coloured shorts create a lively festival vibe and the zips on the tops match the shorts.
Men have exposed chests that emphasise masculinity and reveals how they show off to the women.


How does the costume communicate the 2 stimuli and the 2 choreographic intents?

Brazilian culture - The bright colours symbolise festivals and revealing costumes give a hint of samba costume.
The curved line - the zip and the lines on the vest.
Choreographic intents...
Having fun - bright colours evoke happy, fun feelings.
Men showing off to women - men wear open tops to show off their chest and muscles.


What is the set and staging design in the dance?

It is a plain black box
Upstage there is a raised platform
The musicians are in the platform


What props are there?

Skateboards are used in the slow girls section (night)
Men lie on their backs and shoot across the stage from left to right.


How does the staging communicate the stimulus and 2 choreographic intents?

Brazilian culture - enables the musicians to be part of the performance (raised platform) makes the music live like at the carnival.
Choreographic intent...
Having fun - skateboards inject fun and humour into
Men showing off to women - skateboards reveal how men need female attention


What is the aural setting in the dance?

Fast percussion using samba rhythms
Slow and atmospheric berimbau
Vocal chant
Body percussion


When is fast percussion and samba rhythms used?

Opening section until girls section
There is a close relationship with the music.
The speed matches the movement and so does the beat, music fits with samba style.


When is the slow and atmospheric berimbau used?

Slow girls section
There is a close relationship with the music
The dancers are now dancing slowly which creates a nighttime feel
A berimbau is a traditional Brazilian instrument


When is a vocal chant used?

Showing off section
There is a close relationship with the music.
Men follow rhythm, on “hehehe” they jump in cannon, using masculine movements.


When is body percussion used?

Battle section
There is a distant relationship with the music.
The girls are moving slowly to fast music, the men are still using fast movements.


How does the aural setting communicate the stimulus and 2 choreographic intents?

Brazilian culture – the use of samba and carnival music. Live music also creates an atmosphere of a carnival.
Choreographic intent…
Having fun – Lively upbeat music (samba style.) The use of vocal chants and shouting create a fun tone.
Men showing off to women – tribal drums as well as the men chanting and shouting.



Itzik Galili






13 female
15 Male