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What are the 2 stimuli for the dance?

Avro Part’s ‘Fratres’
Relationships between families as they deal with an unknown force


What is the choreographic intention of the dance?

A family facing poverty and the fear of what lies outside their home, possibly Eastern European


What are the 3 choreographic approaches?

Furniture being part of the dance
The music structure informed each dancers’ section
His ideas grew from sitting round a family table


What are the genres of the dance?

New classical
Contact work


What is the stricture of the dance?



What is the colour lighting in the dance?



What are the 3 main types of lighting used?

Square wash
Shaft of light


When do we see square wash lighting?

On the table at the start


When do we see sidelight lighting?

Throughout the dance


When do we see a shaft of light?

The sons’ solo


When do we see high intensity lighting?

The sons’ solo, a shaft of light


When do we see low intensity lighting?

When the dancers put their coats on at the end.
A low-level ligntvreducing further towards the end so the family ended in a silhouette.


How does the lighting link with the 2 stimulus and the choreographic intent?

‘Fratres’ - White side lighting sets intense mood to match the anxious mood of the music. Higher intensity beam matches the shrill angry violin.
The unseen outside force - The shaft of light in the sons’ solo suggests a door has been opened, which is the focus of the families fear.
Choreographic intent - White low intensity lighting is very simple and bland. It suggests a candle/gas light as it is all the family can afford.


What is the fabric and colour of the costume?

Faded, washed out


What kind of clothes do the children wear?

Oversized coats and scarves at the end of the dances
This suggests poverty, that the clothes are hang-me-downs


How does the costume link to the 2 stimuli and the choreographic intention?

The family dynamic - individual for each family member
And unseen force - coats and shoes at the end, they must now leave and face the fear of the outside.
Choreographic intent - Washed out faded colours, lack of decoration, cotton fabrics and the fact that the coats are too big for the children suggest poverty.


How does the costume support the movement?

Female dress and skirt add flow to the movement, they are easy to move in.
Mothers’ fitted waist allows upper body line to be seen.
Sons’ shirt is baggy, allowing freedom of movement.


What is the set design for the dance?

It is a black box with several pieces of furniture
Such as a table, stools, suitcases and a bench


How does the set link to the 2 stimuli and the choreographic intent?

‘Fratres’ - The sons’ use of furniture creates a sense of panic and fear which I’d present in the music.
The family dynamic - The table represents family, the daughter sits on her her fathers’ lap during the sons’ solo.
The unseen force outside - The table is used as a barricade, this suggests the fear of the outside world.


How are the props used by the dancers?

The daughter slams her hand onto the table.
She lies on her side on the table.
All dances sit on stalls.
Some drugs table downstairs.
Sun use the stalls as weapons.
Mother also lives on the table on her back


What is the aural setting in shadows?

Violin and piano all the way through
A minor key all the way through
A main theme all the way through, this repeats and develops
There is a variety of dynamic changes


When is a fast, harsh, panicked dynamic used?

During the daughters solo
There is a close relationship with the music.
Erratic melody matches the constant changes of direction, speed and dynamics.


When is a calm, slow, smooth dynamic used?

During the mother and fathers duet
There is a close relationship with the music.
Tender and continuous contact work matches long fluid music


When is a angry, aggressive, piercing dynamic used?

During the sons solo
There is a close relationship with the music.
Large signs, movement and size of movement match the music.


How does the aural setting link to the 2 stimuli and the choreographic intent?

The family dynamic - Music dictates the characters style (tender for the mother and erratic for the son and daughter.)
The unseen force - creates anxiety using the rapid running violin.
Choreographic intent - Music is Eastern European in flavour



Christopher Bruce



Phoenix dance theatre



2 women
2 men