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What are the 3 stimuli for the dance?

The paintings by Goran Djurovic
An isolated figure on a collapsed wheelchair in a snow covered landscape, as if seen from afar.
The dancers personal experience


What are the 2 choreographic intentions?

Life’s limitations and resolutions
Constraints within a snow globe


What was the choreographic approach?

Task setting and collaborative approach
Laura creates movements and David and Amy adapt them to their bodies


What are the genres of the dance?

Contact work


What are the 3 types of lighting in the dance?

1. Two pools of white light positioned centre stage in Laura and Dave’s duet (the beginning)
2. A blue wash in David, Amy and Laura’s duet
3. An Amber sidelight up stage left when they reassemble the wheelchair, Dave’s solo and David and Amy’s duet.


How does the lighting communicate the 2 stimuli and the choreographic intent?

An isolated figure - white pools suggest the snow globe and the darkness suggests isolation.
Personal experience - Dark blue wash for Dave’s solo reminiscent of his dad who was a club singer.
Choreographic intent...
Life’s limitations and resolutions - cold, white and darkness at the start and warmer amber a the end


How does the costume communicate the stimuli?

The work of Goran Djurovik - They are painted with streaks of paint similar to the background of Djurovik’s paintings
Dancer’s personal experience- The old fashioned suit jacket Dave wears, reflect the suit his father would wear as a club singer.


How does the staging communicate the 2 stimuli and choreographic intent?

An isolated figure - the fake snow on the floor
The work of Goran Djurovik - The backdrop has streaks of colour and the use of a headless manaquin reflect djurovik’s paintings.
Choreographic intent...
Constraints in a snow globe - the boarder constrains the dancers.


What are the aural settings in artificial things?

A wintery soundscape of wind and distant violins
Piano notes
The inside of a piano (strings)
An old love song “the sunshine of your smile”


When do we hear a wintry soundscape?

At the beginning and Laura and Dave’s duet
There is a close relationship with the music


When do we hear piano notes?

There is a close relationship with the music


When do we hear the inside of a piano?

David Amy and Laura‘s trio
There is a close relationship with the music
Dancers react to the changing pitch of the music


When do we hear the sunshine of your smile?

Dave solo at the end
The relationship is close and distant
David lip syncs the words
He doesn’t reflect the powerful dynamics of music, he keeps it calm


How does the aural setting communicate the 2 stimuli and the choreographic intent?

And isolated figure – The winter sounds at the start create a sense of isolation and create a vast empty space in the mind.
Dancers personal experiences – ‘the sunshine of your smile’ is Dave‘s father’s favourite song, he sung it at clubs.
Choreographic intent…
Life’s limitations and resolutions – There are piano chords which chime during the family portraits. This suggests time passing as the dancers are moving forward and overcoming their limitations.



Lucy Bennett



Stopgap dance company



2 female
2 Male