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CEO(Chief Executive Officer)

Oscar Munoz.
-served on the board of directors for United Continental Holdings, Inc. since 2010
-served on the board of directors of Continental Airlines, Inc. since 2004



J. Scott Kirby
-Previous president at American Airlines since the company merged with US Airways in 2013.
- senior leadership roles at America West and US Airways, where he was named president in 2006.
-responsible for United’s operations, marketing, sales, alliances, network planning and revenue management.


Executive Vice President

Kate Gebo
-Human Resources and Labor Relations
-Joined United in 1998, worked at Continental prior.


Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel

Brett J. Hart

-In this role, Brett is responsible for managing the company’s legal and environmental affairs, corporate security, corporate real estate worldwide, government affairs, community affairs, corporate communications and international, regulatory and policy matters for the airline, reporting directly to CEO Oscar Munoz.


Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

Gregory Hart

-responsible for all flight operations, technical operations, and network operations, as well as cargo, safety and United Express. Greg also oversees United’s global customer service delivery functions including customer contact centers, inflight operations, airport operations, food services and United clubs.


2018 Finances

-7.7 percent pre-tax margin
-2.1 billion net income


Shared Purpose

"Connecting people. Uniting the world"


Share Values

(4 Values). FART

-We Fly Right
-We Fly Friendly
-We Fly Together
-We Fly Above and Beyond


Diversity and Inclusion

- At United, we define diversity as the range of differences that make individuals unique, including ability, age, ethnicity, gender identification, race, sexual orientation, religious belief and veteran's status. Inclusion is how we leverage these differences to form a genuine community and expand business opportunities
-leaders embrace diversity and inclusion as a business advantage
employees feel highly valued, are actively engaged and are treated with dignity and respect
customers value our inclusive approach to delivering flyer-friendly service
- Support large employee business Resource Groups for many different cultures
-Also multiple partnerships with different organizations with many different values


Eco Friendly

-fuel efficiency and reducing emissions
-weight reductions, SE taxing, continuous descent approaches, towing aircraft, engine washes, APU savings, electric ground equipment.


Community Involvement

We partner with organizations such as the American Red Cross, Boys & Girls Clubs and Make-A-Wish. Our programs include Adventure Bear delivery, Fantasy Flights and Volunteer Impact Grants, which recognize our employees’ passion for service by providing grants to the organizations where they volunteer