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1. When I was a newer captain at SkyWest we were doing a flight out of Atlanta and we received an aircraft with our pressure refueling system MEL, which means they could only do over wing fueling and that they needed a fuel truck.

2.6 hour delay leaving golden triangle, Missippi

3. no flap landing in Denver

4. when I was an FO I had a captain I flew with on a trip one time that micro-managed a lot. We were on a flight from Chicago to Kansas City and it was my leg, and also my first time flying with him. We got a long just fine, personalities didn’t clash but I started noticing while we were descending he was very particular with how I did everything, when I started my descent, how I descended, everything. Then when we started getting vectored on to the approach it was the same thing, he started telling me when to put flaps down, gear down, what speeds I should be at, a lot. As A new FO

5. Trustworthy

6. Moving a lot in this career

7. denying a plane with no APU or Pack from Atlanta to South Bend but being pressured by dispatch

8. the challenge of my first 121 training event

9. failing my first 121 interview