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What is an account team and why would you use it?

Team of users who work together on an account. For example, an account team can include an executive sponsor, dedicated support representative, and project manager.

Using account teams makes it easy to track collaboration on accounts


How would you enable account teams?

Setup -> Account Team Settings


What can happen when you remove an account team role?

Account teams share roles with opportunity teams. If you remove an account team role, that role is no longer listed as an opportunity team role


Where do you define the roles for account teams?

Setup -> Team Roles


What happens when you disable an account team?

You irreversibly remove existing teams from all accounts and delete users' default account teams, and removes the Account Team related list from all page layouts


When can account teams not be disabled?

When Apex code refers to any of the fields (for example AccountTeamMember


Who can edit or delete an account team member?

1. The account owner

2. Be above the owner in the role hierarchy

3. Any user granted full access to the record

4. An administrator


When the org wide settings for contacts is set to Controlled by Parent, what access does the account team members have on contacts?

Contact Access is not available for account team members


What happens when you remove a member of your account team?

Unless specified, it does not remove that person from your opportunity teams


What happens when you remove a default account team member from a specific account?

Those changes only affect the account, the setup of your default account team does not change.


What happens when a user is deactivated who has Read/Write access to Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Cases

Their access will default to Read Only if the user is reactivated


What are Opportunity Teams?

Opportunity teams show who's working on the opportunity and what each team member's role is, making it easy to collaborate with your colleagues


Where do you define the roles for opportunity teams?

Setup -> Team Roles


How do you enable Opportunity Teams?

Setup -> Opportunity Team Settings


Before deleting a team member from Opportunity Teams, what should you do?

If the team member is assigned a split percentage greater than 0, reassign the split before you delete the member