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If a report or dashboard folder does not have Manager access, who would have access to it?

It is public and users with the "View Reports in Public Folders" permission can view it, and depending on their object access they can also run the report


What permissions are needed to share a report or dashboard folder with public groups?

Run Reports


Manage Dashboards or Manage Reports in Public Folders


How many users, groups or roles can you share a report or dashboard folder to?

Up to 25 users, groups or roles at one time. You can share a folder with up to 100 users, groups, roles or territories using the folder sharing REST API


Can you use encrypted fields in filters for list views, reports, roll-up summary fields, and rule filters?



Which two license types can create and edit reports, when assigned the correct permissions?
Choose 2 answers

A. Customer Community Plus
B. Customer Community
C. Customer Community Plus Login
D. Partner Community Plus Login

A. Customer Community Plus
C. Customer Community Plus Login


Scenario: Samir is a sales rep who likes to start his day by checking his position on the sales leader board, which appears on the Master Sales dashboard. He has to refresh the dashboard to get the latest standings, so he needs to view the data in the underlying reports. But he doesn't need to edit the reports or dashboard. What type of access does he require?

Viewer access to the folder that contains the Master Sales dashboard


Scenario: Allison, a sales manager, wants to provide a different sales dashboard for each of the three regional teams. What type of access does she require?

Editor access to the folder that contains the Master Sales dashboard allows her to move the underlying reports into the correct folders and then modify them to show the appropriate data


If you have Editor access to a folder, and Run Reports permission to a report in the folder, what can you do?

You can run the report but not make changes


What does Editor access to Report and Dashboard Folders allow you to do?

View and save the reports or dashboards in a folder, but does not determine access to folder contents. Permissions for the reports and dashboards themselves determine your access to the folder contents


Scenario: Alan is a sales administrator who manages too many reports to pay attention to them all individually. What type of access does he require and how would that help him?

He requires manager access so that he can create the report folder called "Regional Reports, and as the creator, he has Manage Rights to the folder. He can then give Sales Reps, a public group, Viewer access. He can also make Allison, the sales manager, another manager on the folder


How can you stop users from exporting reports?

On the profile there is an option called "Export Reports". Uncheck this to ensure they cannot export reports.


Who can you share report folders to?

Role, Internal, and Partner Subordinates
Role and Internal Subordinates
Public Groups
Partner Roles
Partner Roles and Subordinates
Partner Users