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4 Components of SYSVOL

• Login scripts: Stores the logon scripts that are administrated from Active Directory Users and Computers and group policies.

• Windows Group Policy: Configuring settings that control the working environment of user and computer accounts and that provide the centralized management and configuration of operating systems, applications, and user settings in an Active Directory environment.

• Distributed File System (DFS) staging folder and files: Used to synchronize data and files between domain controllers.

• File system junctions: A physical location on a hard disk that points to data that is located elsewhere on your disk or other storage device to manage a single instance stored.


4 Steps for Creating and Using AD Snapshots

1. Create a snapshot with ntdsutil.exe.

2. Mount the snapshot with the Active Directory database mounting tool.

3. View the objects within the snapshot.

4. When done with the snapshot, dismount the snapshot.