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What are the two types of namespaces?

Domain-based namespace

Stand-alone namespace


How many folders does Win2k8 mode support? Windows 2000?




What are the DFS command line utilities?

• DfsUtil – Manages DFS namespaces, server, and client computers.

• DfsCmd – Configures DFS folders and folder targets in a DFS namespace. Note: Dfscmd is depreciated in Windows Server 2012 R2.

• DfsDiag – Performs diagnostics tests of DFS Namespaces.


What is found in the referrals tab on DFS namespace properties?

Allows you to configure the ordering method of targets when an intrasite target is not available.


What 3 things are found in the advanced tab of the DFS namespaces properties?

Allows you to optimize for scalability when polling (to reduce the load on the PDC emulator when using more than 16 targets

Allows you to optimize for consistency which polls the PDC emulator whenever changes to the namespace are made

Enable access based enumeration


What can be configured in the namespace servers tab > referral properties > advanced?

You can select 4 settings for referral priority and override referral ordering


How should permissions be configured in DFS?

On the file system first and then on DFS


What are the limitations of DFS Replication?

• A replication group can have up to 256 members with 256 replicated folders.

• Each server can be a member of up to 256 replication groups, with as many as 256 connections (128 incoming and 128 outgoing).


What are the two replication models for DFSR

Full Mesh topology

Hub/Spoke Topology


What are the three configurable settings for DFS replication?

• Bidirectional or unidirectional

• Percentage of available bandwidth

• Schedule when replication will occur


What does remote differencial compression do?

Replicates only block level changes.  Turning it off saves processor and i/o but consumes more bandwidth


What can be modified in the replication group > connections tab?

Disable remote differential compression

Disable replication

Override replication group schedule