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What is adhocracy?

An organisational or management style → that it is adaptive, creative, and with flexibly integrated behaviour it can easily adapt  to change.


  1. What is the Ansoff matrix?
  2.  Explain using a diagram

  1. A planning model that helps a business determine its product and market strategy 


 What is underwriting of shares? 

 A process by which investment bankers raise investment capital from investors on behalf of corporations and governments issuing equity or debt securities.


What are the assumptions of Taylors managment approach?

  •  Identification of the single best way to perform a task
  •  Effective training and the performance of tasks 


What is Mintzberg's co-ordinating mechanism, considering how the builiding blocks are intergrated into a cohesive unit.


What is the internal process manaagment model?

A model looking at how things are done.


 Give six ways in which the analysis of big data can create value for business 

  •  Transparency
  •  Performance improvement 
  •  Market segmentation and customisation
  •  Design making
  •  Innovation
  •  Risk management 


  1.  What is a resource audit?
  2.  Give three things which will be looked at as part of resource audit.

  1.  A tool for performing internal analysis
  2.  Whether staff are correctly trained / whether the firm has strong relationships with bankers /  whether the firm has the latest machinery