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What is a...

  1. interpersonal role
  2. informational / dissemination role

  1. Matters such as listening to or giving employees feedback / rep reacting a team of employees
  2. invloves distributing information to staff either as fact or interpretation.


 Compare The 4 V's of operations management and big data 

Big data and  operations management

  • Volume
  • Variety

Just big data

  • Velocity

Just operational management

  • Visibility


 Stewardship of the organisations financial resources is part of which  of its financial functions tasks?

 The recording of financial transactions 


 Management  accounting is not driven by rules or standards, what is it driven by?

 The need to meet the information requirements managers, they will use the information to plan, control, make decisions and one of the performance 


What is corporate responsibility?

How far an organisation goes to protect the interest of those it has a non-contractual relationship with (public & stakeholders)


 What is a government producer? 

 Someone responsible for public services


 Under the UK corporate governance code how often does the board need to review effectiveness of risk management and internal control?

 At least annually 


 What is the minimum investment required for members of public to invest in the Treasury bill? 




  •  Antimonopoly legislation
  •  Market regulation

  •  Antimonopoly legislation →  promotes competition
  •  Market regulation →  compensate for the lack of competition, when competition is not possible