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Explain the difference in part of speech between -these- and -those- in the following:
These bears are more dangerous than those.

These modifies bears in the sentence. Therefore, it is demonstrative adjective. Those, which takes the place of a noun, is a demonstrative pronoun.


What is the difference between a comparative adj. and a superlative adj.?

A comparative adj. compares two objects, where as a superlative adj. compares three or more.


T/F A positive degree adj. always describes things positively.

False. A positive degree adj. can describe an object negatively.


What is a comparative degree?

An adj. in the comparative degree implies a comparison between two objects. Comparatives often end in -er.
EX: That muscle looks bigger that your other muscles. (Bigger is an adj in the comparative degree)


What is a superlative degree?

An adj. in the superlative degree implies a comparison among three or more objects. Superlatives often end in -est.
EX: That was the dirtiest, lumpiest couch I've ever slept on. (Dirtiest and lumpiest are in the superlative degree)


Identify the degree of adj in the following sentences:
Though Aerosmith plays loud, Kiss plays louder.
But some argue that Led Zeppelin plays the loudest.

Loud is in the positive degree, louder in the comparative, and loudest in the superlative degree


What is a participle adjective?

A participle adj. is an adj. that is formed from a verb. There are two types of participle adj.: Present and Past


What is a present participle adjective?

A present participle adjective describes an action in the present. It is formed by adding -ing to the end of a verb.


What is a past participle adjective?

A past participle adjective is an adjective that describes an action in the past. A past participle adjective takes an irregular form.


What is a possessive adjective?

A possessive indicates possession or ownership.
Our/your/---'s/ the School's are possessive adjectives.


T/F An indefinite adjective specifies nouns.

False. An indefinite adjective refers to an unspecified quantity (some marshmallows) Demonstrative adjectives specify nouns (this marshmallow).


What are the degrees of an adjective?

Adj. Change depending on the number of object being compared. There are three types of degree: positive/comparative/superlative. For Example, peppy is positive, peppier is comparative, and peppiest is superlative.


Identify the different types of adjectives in the following sentence.
The old squirrel used to be the best nut collector in the park.

Old- is a present participle adjective, and best is a superlative adjective.


What is a positive degree?

An adjective in the positive degree modifies a single object. Ex: The unicorn is lovely, lavender, and imagined. (Lovely, Lavender, and imagined are adjectives in the positive degree.)


What is a demonstrative adjective?

A demonstrative adjective is an adj. that specifies nouns. It is similar to a demonstrative pronoun, except demonstrative adj. indicate particular nouns instead of replacing them. This/That/These are demonstrative adj.


What is an indefinite adjective?

Indefinite adjectives are adj. that refer to unspecified quantities. They are similar to indefinite pronouns, except indefinite adj are used in relation to particular nouns. Most/few/many/ are indefinite adj.


What is an interrogative adjective?

An interrogative adj. initiates a question by asking for something to be specified.
Ex: Which helicopter belongs to Mr. Trump? (Which is the interrogative adj)


Identify the different types of adj. in the following sentence:
This shimmering ruby is representative of most of the jewels in the sultan's collection.

This-is a demonstrative adj, representative: is a positive adj., most-is an indefinite adj., and sultan's is a possessive adj.


What is an adjective?

An adjective is a word that describes or modifies nouns and pronouns. Adj. have several types/degrees/ and participles.
Monstrous/green/yours/gentler are all adj.


What are the different types of adjectives?

There are four types of adjectives;