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What kind of clause is this?
When I left for college...

This is a dependent clause. Although it does have a verb, it needs an independent clause to complete its meaning.


What kind of clause is the boldface portion?
...Since Robert quit running...., he has gotten really out of shape.

Since Robert quit running... is a dependent clause.


What kind of clause is the boldface portion?
For the first time in her life, ...Madison felt free...

Madison felt free ... is an independent clause.


Make the boldface clause an independent clause:
John believes in his abilities ...and thinks he can win....

On possibility: John believes in his abilities, and he thinks he can win.


Is the following an independent or a dependent clause?
Once I get my driver's license...

It is a dependent clause.


Find the dependent clause in the following sentence:
Those plays that Shakespeare wrote are way over my head.

That Shakespeare the dependent clause


What type of clause is boldface below?
...Through unpopular during his lifetime...., van Gogh became one of the world's most celebrated painters after his death.

This is an elliptical clause


What is a clause?

A clause is a group of related words containing a subject and a verb. If the clause does not complete a thought it is not a sentence.


What are the three types of clauses?

Dependent/independent/elliptical clause


What is a dependent clause?

A dependent clause does not contain a complete thought and relies on the rest of the sentence to explain it. Dependent clauses cannot stand alone.


What is an independent clause?

And independent clause (also known as a sentence) expresses a complete thought. It contains a subject and a verb.


What is an elliptical clause?

An elliptical clause is a dependent clause that implies the subject and the verb.


T/F A sentence is always a clause?

True. Every sentence is also an independent clause.


T/F A clause is always a sentence.

False. Independent clauses are sentences, but other clauses are sentence fragments.


T/F An elliptical clause is a dependent clause that implies a subject and a verb

True. In the sentence: Though clearly the favorite, Tyson lost to Buster Douglas,
Though clearly the favorite.... is an elliptical clause. It does not contain a subject or verb, but it's clear what they are (he and was).


Is the boldface clause elliptical, dependent or independent?
...Based on the tea leaf readings...., I think I'll soon meet a tall, dark, handsome man.



T/F ...After the party... is an elliptical clause.

False. It is not clear what the subject or verb is.