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How is adolescence defined according to age?

Adolescents: 10-19 yo

Youth: 15-24 yo

Young people: 10-24 yo


How are the stages of adolsecence defined according to age?

Early: 10-14 yo

Middle: 15-16 yo

Late: 17+ yo


How can adolescence be defined other than by age?

Onset of puberty until achievement of economic independence 


List some of the developmental tasks of adolescence?

Achieving independence from parents/other adults

Development of a realistic, stable, positive self-identity

Formation of a sexual identity

Negotiating peer and intimate relationships 

Development of a realistic body image

Formulation of own moral/value system

Acquisition of skills for future economic indepedence 


What are the three major domains within which development occurs in adolescence?





Describe the physical development that occurs in adolescence?

Puberty: rapid physical growth, reproductive capabilities, secondary sexual characteristics


Describe the peer relationships of adolescents?

How do they differ from middle childhood?

Occupy more time than in middle childhood

Basis for friendships changes (more about shared interests, values, etc)

Involve same and opposite sex

First romantic/sexual relationship

Increased reliance on friends for support

Close and supportive frinedships contribute to positive psychological adjustment 


Describe the family relationships of adolescents?

How do they differ to middle childhood?

Strive for increased autonomy

Increased parent-child conflict

Better adolescent adjustment with authoritative adjustment style 


What do adolescents consult parents vs peers for advice about?

Peers: what to wear, which interests to pursue, which social activities to attend

Parents: academic/occupational goals, other future-oriented decisions


Describe some of the cognitive development that occurs in adolescents?

Thinking about possibilities

Thinking through hypotheses

Thinking ahead

Thinking about thought

Thinking beyond conventional limits


List some of the factors which contribute to the development of self-identity in adolescence?


How does the self-concept change during adolescence?

Incorporate psychological terms into self-descriptions

Describe attributes in a variety of domains

Recognition of 'different selves' across contexts


Describe the brain development that is occurring in adolesence?

What implications does this have?

Notable developments in PFC controlling executive functions 

Implications for management of emotions and behaviour


What are the 'Big 6 Risks' for adolescent health?

In which population are these risks greater?

Unintentional injuries

Intentional injuries

Risky sexual behaviours

Substance use

Unhealthy diet

Inadequate physical activity


Greater risks in males than females 


What is the leading cause of death among 12-24 year olds?

Injury (66%)

Predominantly transport accidents or suicide 


Which group of illnesses have a common onset during adolescence?

Mental health difficulties: eating disorders, substance abuse, depression, suicide


What is the estimated prevalence of chronic illness among adolescents?



How might chronic illness affect the achievement of developmental tasks during adolescence?


Why is adherence to treatment often a problem with adolescents?

Point of difference to peers

Don't like being told what to do

Side effects

Don't want to be dependent on medication 


Which factors may contribute to poorer adherence to treatment in adolescents?

Less disease-related knowledge

Poorer problem solving skills

Regimes that impact on appearance or social inetractions or that require major lifestyle adjustments

Poorer psychological functioning