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When was the American Continental Army Established?

14 June 1775


How many Campaign and Battle Streamers does the Army Flag have?

Over 180


What does the Uniform of the Army represent for Soldiers?

For Soldiers it means that they have become part of something far bigger than themselves, a chance to serve their Country and to Change the World. It also means danger, long separations, grinding fatigue, and stress.


What does the uniform of the Army represent for Families?

A source of both Pride and Anxiety, knowing the sacrifices ahead


What does the uniform of the Army represent for Veterans?

One of the most important periods of their lives, pride in awards and decorations, and sometimes intense emotional and physical distress


What does the uniform of the Army represent for the American Civilians?

Soldiers represent Patriotism and Selfless Service, men and women in whom the Nation takes collective pride


What is the Land Domain?

it is the most complex of all Combat Domains and also where most countries are capable of having a defense as some are unable to afford Navies, Air Forces and other forms of defense.


What is Unified Land Operations?

It is the synchronization of our efforts between Joint Services, other government agencies, other partner Nations and other Military Forces from other partner nations


What is the main goal for Unified Land Operations?

To combine Offensive tasks, Defensive tasks, Stability tasks, and Defense Support of Civil authorities (DSCA) in coordination with Joint Services, other Government Agencies, other partner nations, and other Military Forces from partner nations.


The Army’s Vision captures the Three Strategic Roles of the Army what are they?

Prevent, Shape and Win


What is meant by the Army’s role to Prevent?

It means that countries believe that our Force is Credible, Unbeatable, Rapidly Deployable, Highly Trained, Well Equipped and Always Ready to assist our Allies and protect the U.S. interests


What is meant by the Army’s role to Shape?

The Army’s role to Shape is to assist other nations to shape their own training and their military strength to be able to defend themselves


What is meant by the Army’s role to Win?

We must be able to Attack and Defend successfully against Enemy ground forces.


What U.S. Code governs the Army?

Title 10 United States Code (USC)


What Department of Defense Directive governs the Army?

DODD 5100.01


What gives the President the Authority as the Commander and Chief?

The Constitution


Who determines the size and organization of the Army?



Where does Congress get the Authority to determine the size and organization of the Army?

The Constitution


Where does the Army get it’s Mission from?

Title 10 United States Code and Department of Defense Directive 5100.01


What is the Army’s Mission?

to Fight and win the Nation’s Wars through prompt and sustained Land Combat, as part of the Joint Force


How does the Army Accomplish it’s Mission?

-Organizing, Equipping, and Training Army forces for prompt and sustained Combat incident to operations on land;
-Integrating our capabilities with those of the other Armed Services;
-Accomplishing all missions assigned by the President, Secretary of Defense, and Combatant Commanders;
-Remaining ready while preparing for the future


What is the “Dual Nature” of the Army?

a Military Department (a part of the Armed Forces) and a Military Profession


What are the 4 Essential Characteristics of our Profession?

Military Expertise, Honorable Service, Esprit De Corps, and Stewardship


What is Trust?

Assured Reliance on the Character, Ability, Strength, or Truth of someone or something


Where must Trust always be maintained?

between Soldiers; between Soldiers and their Leaders; among Soldiers, their Families, and the Army; and between the Army and the Nation


Why is “Trust between Soldiers” so Important?

In Battle, Soldiers primarily fight for one another, not just for their Country or some ideal. They Entrust their lives to the Soldiers on their left and right, and focus on doing their Duty in a way that maintains the Trust of their Comrades. Without this level of trust, there is No Cohesion, no ability to stand fast in the most horrific environments. The level of resilience and cohesion within an Army Unit correlates directly to trust between Soldiers in that Unit


What is the Catalyst to developing Trust between Soldiers?

The Army Values


Does “Trust between Soldiers” accomplish missions or generate High levels of Unit effectiveness?

No, “Trust between Soldiers and their Leaders” allows this


If Soldiers do not have “Trust between Soldiers and their Leaders” what can be the outcome?

Soldiers will not follow Orders Except from Fear of Consequences


What is the second Critical Aspect of Trust?

Trust between a Superior and a Subordinate