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What does AR 600-9 Cover?

The Army Body Composition Program (formerly the Weight Control Program)


What Army Regulation Covers The Army’s Body Composition Program?

AR 600-9


What is the most recent release of AR 600-9?

28 June 2013


Para 1-5 What does ABCP stand for?

Army Body Composition Program (ABCP)


Para 1-5 What is the Primary Objective of the ABCP?

to ensure all Soldiers achieve and maintain optimal well-being and performance under all conditions


Para 1-5 What are the Secondary Objectives of the ABCP?

1. Assist in establishing and maintaining Operational readiness, Physical fitness, Health and A professional military appearance
2. Establish body fat standards
3. Provide procedures by which personnel are counseled to assist in meeting the standards


Para 2-1 What must Soldiers maintain in order to meet mission requirements?

Soldiers must maintain a high level of physical readiness


Para 2-1 What is one indicator of physical readiness?

Body composition


Para 2 How is Body Composition an indicator of a Soldier’s Physical Readiness?

It is associated with an individual’s fitness, endurance, and overall health


Para 2-1 Who will generally exhibit increased muscular strength and endurance, is less likely to sustain injury from weight bearing activity, and more likely to perform at an optimal level?

Individuals with desirable body fat percentages


Para 2-1 Who is more likely to sustain injury from weight bearing activity?

Soldiers that do not meet body fat percentages


Para 2-1 Who is more likely to show decreased muscular strength and endurance?

Soldiers that do not meet body fat percentages


Para 2-1 Who will benefit from Soldiers meeting Body fat percentages?

the individual and collective benefit to themselves, their unit, and the entire Army


Para 2-2 What agency is responsible for AR 600-9?

The Deputy Chief of Staff (DCS), G–1


Para 2-3 What is The Surgeon General’s responsibilities for AR 600-9?

1. Establish medical examination and medical counseling policies
2. Evaluate the medical aspects of the program
3. Establish and review procedures for determination of body fat content
4. Provide guidance on improving the nutritional status of Soldiers
5. Provide recommendations and/or medical opinions on medical exception to policy requests


Para 2-14 Who is responsible for meeting Body fat percentages?

Each Soldier (commissioned officer, warrant officer, and enlisted)


Para 2-16 What is the responsibility of Commanders and Supervisors per AR 600-9?

1. Implement the ABCP
2. Ensure the continued evaluation of all Soldiers under their command or supervision
3. Review monthly Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions Management Report (AAA–095)
4. Forward a complete ABCP file (per AR 600-9 para 3-8) to the gaining unit on each Soldier who conducts a permanent change of station and is flagged for noncompliance with body fat standards


Para 2-15 What are the responsibilities of Medical Personnel per AR 600-9?

1. Assist commanders and supervisors in ensuring that individuals who exceed body fat standards receive nutrition and weight reduction counseling from a registered dietitian, if available
2. Identify those individuals who have a pathological condition requiring medical treatment
3. Evaluate Soldiers who exceed body fat standards
4. Advise Soldiers that while various medical conditions, environmental conditions, functional limitations (temporary or permanent physical profiles), and/or medications may contribute to weight gain, they are still required to meet the body fat standard
5. Refer Soldiers to appropriate specialist for nutrition and exercise counseling
6. At the request of a commander, provide education and information to Soldiers on healthy eating behaviors


Para 2-15 If a registered dietitian is not available who may provide nutrition and weight reduction counseling?

a health care provider, to include nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or medical doctor


Para 2-15 Who can grant exception and is the approval authority for special situations?

DCS, G–1


Para 2-16 What is the function of a designated unit fitness training NCO or master fitness trainer?

1. Prescribe proper exercise and fitness techniques to assist Soldiers in meeting and maintaining body fat standards
2. Assist commanders in developing programs that establish a physical fitness program
3. Train other command designated NCOs in proper height, weight, and body circumference methodology to assess body fat composition


Para 3-1 What does the ABCP program provide Commanders with?

The ABCP provides commanders a systematic approach to enforce military standards across the unit, while supporting Soldiers with the resources they need to return to an optimum level of individual readiness


Para 3-1 What is the amount of time that every Soldier will be screened IAW AR 600-9?

Soldiers will be screened every 6 months, at a minimum, to ensure compliance with this regulation


Para 3-2 What is the only authorized method of estimating body fat?

the circumference-based tape method outlined in appendix B of AR 600-9


Para 3-2 What are Commanders are authorized to use as a screening tool in order to expedite the semi-annual testing process?

the weight for height table (Appendix B of AR 600-9)


Para 3-2 Who has the authority to direct a body fat assessment on any Soldier that they determine does not present a Soldierly appearance, regardless of whether or not the Soldier exceeds the screening table weight for his or her measured height?

The Commander


Para 3-2 When can the Commander direct that a body fat assessment be performed on a Soldier even if they meet the weight for height screening table?

If they determine that the Soldier does not present a Soldierly appearance


Para 3-2 What must the Commander do when a Soldier exceeds the Body fat standards?

the Soldier will be flagged in accordance with AR 600–8–2 and enrolled in the ABCP


Para 3-2 What must a Soldier do in order to be released from the program?

They must meet the body fat standard in AR 600-9


Para 3-3 When a Soldier is exempt from the body fat standards what must they maintain?

A Soldierly appearance