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Prohibited interstate shipment of illegally taken wildlife, fish and plants and the importation of species.

Lacey Act of 1900


the first U.S. President to set aside a wildlife refuge (Pelican Island-Florida) 1903

Theodore Roosevelt


When was USFWS created?



What 2 Bureaus merged to form the USFWS?

Bureau of Fisheries (1871) and the Bureau of the Biological Survey (1885)


Management of refuge and fish hatcheries
Control predators and rodents
Study federal projects

Mission of USFWS


regulated the hunting of migratory bird species

Migratory Bird Act of 1918


Hunters purchased duck stamps aid in the acquisition of wetlands for protection

Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp Act of 1934


provided guidelines and directives for administration and management of all areas in National Wildlife Refuge system including "wildlife refuges, areas for the protection and conservation of fish and wildlife that are threatened with extinction, wildlife ranges, game ranges, wildlife management areas

National Wildlife Refuge System Administration Act 1966


Conserve healthy habitats
Restore declining species
Work with other organizations
Education and training
Maintain places for wildlife and people

Roles and responsibilities:


passed by congress in 1980 and signed into law by President Jimmy Carter
Provided for the creation or revision of 15 NPS units, set aside other public lands for the USFS and USFWS.
Provided for the designation of >100 million acres of public lands, with >33% as Wilderness areas

Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act of 1980 (ANILCA)


provided for the conservation of ecosystems upon which threatened and endangered species of fish, wildlife, and plants depend.

Endangered Species Act of 1973


working with others to conserve, protect, and enhance fish, wildlife, plants, and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people

Mission statement