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BT in Excess of Table

Contact NEDU

Use US Navy Thalmann Algorithm Dive Planner

Find a deco table until a depth is found with a Schedule equal to or longer than the BT


Loss of O2 in Water
If cannot be shifted to O2 @ 30'-20'

Have diver breath air

Corrected quickly? Vent diver w/O2 ASAP when O2 restored. Any time on air is dead time. Remain on O2 @ stop for the full stop time.

If cannot be corrected, SurDO2 or in water deco on air. SI starts where you leave from, and ends 50' in the chamber.


Loss of O2 in Water
During O2 stop @ 30'-20' after diver already shifted to O2

Shift back to Air

Corrected quickly? Vent w/O2 and resume APOI.

If not corrected quickly & chamber available - SurDO2.

Remain O2 time X 1.1 / 30 = ? Round up to next half period

If not corrected & no chamber in-water Air deco.

Remain stop time X ratio of air stop to O2 time. Ex. 140/34=4.12(ratio) 10(remain) X 4.12 = 41.2 mins of Air


Contimination of O2 supply w/Air

Operator ensures proper line-up & O2 monitor indicates 100%

Have diver monitor EGS for pressure loss

If improperly lined up:
Align the ORCA properly

Re-vent for ::20

Restart O2 time


CNS O2 Toxic (non-convulsive) @ 30' or 20'

Nausea is the most likely symptom

Chamber on station - SurDO2 compute chamber periods required

Chamber not on station & occurs @ 30' - bring up 10' & shift to Air
Ventilate when reached 20'
Compute & complete Air

No chamber - Occurs @ 20'
Shift console and ventilate
Compute & complete Air deco


Oxygen Convulsion @ 30' or 20' water stop

Shift to air

Unaffected diver vent first then affected diver

Only one diver in water, launch standby to vent affected

Hold @ depth until tonic-clinic phase subsided

At the end ensure breathing

If not breathing position diver to head-up open airway position. Airway obstruction is most common reason for non breathing

If diver is breathing, hold him at depth until he's stable then SurDO2

SurDO2 not feasible, continue deco on in water air

If cannot verify stricken diver is breathing leave unaffected diver at stop and compete deco. Surface affected diver 30 fpm. Standby maintains open airway


SurDO2 SI greater then 5 min

SI > :5 but < :7 add one half O2 period. From :15 to :30 @ 50'

Ascend during air break to 40'
:15 penalty is considered normal deco not an EP

SI > :7 compress to 60'

TT5 if original table required 2 or fewer O2 periods

TT6 if original table required 2.5 or more O2 periods


Loss of O2 in the Chamber

Remove bib, breath air
Loss is temp, return to O2, time
off O2 is dead

If O2 loss is perm, complete deco on 50% NE 50% O2 or air

2 X O2 time left = equivalent chamber deco time. Air breaks not required

Chamber Air
Chamber O2 time left X air stop/O2 ratio
Next, X that by .1/40 fsw - .2/30 fsw - .7/20 fsw
This gives you the required deco on chamber air


CNS O2 Toxic in Chamber

Remove O2, breath chamber air

:15 after sx subside, resume at POI

2nd SX or 1st Convulsion
-Remove mask
-sx subside ascend 10' wait til tonic
-resume O2 @ shallower depth @ POI

3rd SX or 2nd Convulsion
-another sx after ascent - deco on chamber air and compute required time


No "D" stop required omitted "D"
(Ascent rate greater then 30 fpm


Observe on surface for 1 hour

Hour complete conduct another Neuro


Omitted "D" stop @ 20' or 30'

20 or 30 fsw
< :1
Return to depth of stop and increase :1

:1 to :7
Use sudO2 if aval add :15 if SI > :5
If no chamber return to depth of stop. X 30'/20' air or O2 by 1.5

> :7
TT5 if 2 or less O2 periods owed
TT6 if more then 2 O2 periods owed
If no chamber return to depth of stop. X 30'/20' air or O2 by 1.5

Deeper then 30'
No chamber - descend to sched depth, @ 30' shift to O2 if aval. Compute deco by X the 30 and 20' stop time (air or o2) by 1.5


DCS Diver Remaining in the Water

Consult DMO

Send standby

If affected dv is on air, switch to O2

Descend DV 10'. If not signif relief of sx, descend another 10' not to exceed 40' if the DV is on O2.

Remain at that depth for at least :30

If DV is on air: resume deco from treatment depth by X air or O2 stp times by 1.5. If treat depth deeper then original t/s stop depth, insert 10' increments between to original point

If DV is on O2 @ 40' or 30' return to surface by X the 30' and 20' stop times by 1.5, respectfully

If DV surfaces sx free, place on O2, transport to chamber, TT5.

If DV is not sx free when surfacing, admin O2, transport to chamber, TT6.

If immediate chamber aval dive sup can elect to surdO2. However, treat any DCS as type II

Watch for 6 hrs. If reoccur, treat as recurrence of type II