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Manning up the chamber for treatment of any kind.

"Chamber crew, man your stations"
Load patients
In the chamber, shut inner door, don hearing protection, give me ok's in the viewport when your ready to leave surface"


Manning up chamber for treatment (continued) (you have received ok/ready to travel)

"Driver travel to __fsw @ fpm, let me know when you have left surface, give me depths every 10fsw and every 2fpm between 50-60."
"In the chamber, traveling."


Descent begins

"Left surface, charts mark time"
"On the bottom, OK in the chamber" charts, logs mark, descent time. (Round up)


Hold on descent.

In the chamber, what is the problem? Charts/logs listen up. Document person's problem. In the chamber "coming up a few feet" do not clear, let me know status of the problem.


Hold on descent (cont)

Driver, ascend until problem is resolved (SDOR), give me depths, ascend, DOR, in the chamber, OK? Let me know when you are ready to travel. Traveling. Driver continue decent.


On Bottom

In the chamber on bottom, OK?
PT on O2, conduct your neuro and report all your findings. Monitor vitals. Driver deflection on O2
(Confirms) -charts/logs on 02 at this time. Log progress on TT



Driver-set up a vent
On the side to vent
In the chamber, don hearing pro & stby for vent. Driver give me a :XX vent. Maintain XX fsw.
Driver secure vent
Vent complete, all ok in the chamber?


On/Off 02

In the chamber, on/off O2 at this time.
Charts, on/off O2 at this time, :XX O2 period


Travel from the bottom.

In chamber, prepare to travel. Ascend/descend XX fsw, let me know when your ready to travel by holding an ok in the viewport. Driver, prepare to travel, come to XX fsw at XX fpm, let me know you leave, give me depths every 5 fsw


Travel from bottom (cont)

Charts mark time, left XX fsw, bottom time XX:XX ( round up) at approximately 3-5 FSW watch for seal to break. Charts mark time, reach surface XX:XX ascent time.(exact)


Travel rate
20 fsw/min

10 feet every ::30


chamber CO2 SEV amount for 30 FSW

Below 0.78 %


chamber CO2 SEV amount for 60 FSW

Below 0.53%


Chamber CO2 SEV amount for 165 FSW

Below 0.25%