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What are the two types of dope used for fabric finishes

Nitrate and butyrate


What finishing defect is the result of a paint room temperature that is too warm

Pinholes or blisters


What causes dope to blush and how can it be prevented

High humidity, moisture in the spray system, or application over a damp surface can be eliminated by heating the room to decrease humidity or by using a blush retarding thinner to increase the drying time


What factor cause spray paint sags and runs

Poor surface preparation or paint sprayed on too thickly


What components or parts of the airframe must be protected from damage when using paint stripper/ remover

Windshields and windows, plastics, composites, synthetic rubber, and fabrics


What is the function of zinc-chromate primer

Prevent corrosion and provide a good bond between the metal and the topcoats


Name several common types of paint used on aircraft

Zinc-chromate and wash primers, synthetic enamels, acrylic lacquer, and polyurethane


What health and safety precaution must be observed when used the toxic solvents and thinners that are part of modern finishing systems

Respirators and mask must be worn when spraying finishes


What causes orange peel

Incorrect spray setting, incorrect air pressure, incorrect paint viscosity, and holding the gun too far from work


What regulation governs the application of the registration number to aircraft registered in USA

FAR Part 45


Other than appearance what is another reason for touching up painted surfaces

Reduce or eliminate corrosion problems


What reference should be used to determine if a control surface must be checked or rebalanced after

The manufactures service manual


What are the three most commonly used method of applying paint

Dipping, brushing, and spraying


What is the effect on paint finishes if too much drier is added to the paint

The paint film will be brittle and tend to crack and peel


What paint system may be used with epoxy topcoats

Any paint system in good condition


Where are the registration marks required to be placed on a fixed wing aircraft

On a vertical tail surface or on the side of the fuselage


What is the generally required dimensions of the registration numbers on the side of a fixed wing aircraft

12 inches and 2/3rds wide as they are high. They must be solid letters and spacing no less than a quarter inch apart


Does a rejuvenator restore strength to the fabric

No,it only restores resilience to the finish


What causes pinholes in a finish

Excessive atomizing air on the spray gun


What safety precaution must be observed when sweeping a paint room that has dried dope or lacquer overspray on the floor

The floor must be wet down with water before it is swept. Static electricity from dry sweeping can cause a fire


Why is butyrate dope safer to use than nitrate dope

It is much less flammable


What is the purpose in using fungalsidal dope when finishing aircraft fabric

To keep fabric from rooting


What are the three types of dope used for aircraft finishes

Clear dope , semi- pignitive dope, and pigmentive dope


What would happen if dope was used over paint or enamel

It would have the tendency to lift and remove the paint or enamel


What is used to thin zinc chromate primer



Which federal regulation prescribes the size and location requirements for aircraft identification numbers

FAR Part 45


What is the appearance of a blushing paint finish

Chalky or cloudy


What causes blushing in a dope finish

Too high humidity