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What are the three axes of an airplane

Longitudinal ( roll ) extends through the fuselage from nose to tail , lateral ( pitch ) extends crosswise from wingtip to wingtip, and vertical ( yaw ) passes through the center from top to bottom


What are the primary flight controls of an aircraft

Ailerons is roll axis ,elevator is pitch axis , and rudder is yaw


Name several secondary flight controls

Trim tab, balance tabs, anti-servo, servo tabs, wing flaps and spring tabs. They help the pilot in moving the controls with flying hands free


Name several types of auxiliary flight controls and describe their general purpose

The auxiliary flight controls consist of the various high-lift devices used during low-speed flight such as leading and trailing edge flaps, slats, slots, spoilers, and speed brakes


What is a servo tab

A cockpit controlled adjustable tab attached to the trailing edge of a primary control surface. The tab moves opposite the direction of the control surface producing an aerodynamic force that moves the primary


What is a spring tab

It is an auxiliary control designed to help move the primary control at high speeds when forces become too high


What is a balance trim tab

It is an auxiliary control designed to create aerodynamic forces to assist in moving a control surface.


What are for most common types of high lift devices

Leading and trailing edge flaps, slats and slots


Describe some of the tools used to check control surface travel

A universal propeller protractor or special control surface protractor


Name three mechanical methods by which flight control systems may be actuated

Cables, push-pull rods, and torque tools


What is a fairlead

It is a device to prevent a cable from rubbing on the aircraft structure


What are the most likely places for a control cable to wear or break

Where the cables pass over pulleys or through fairleads


What information is required before a cable rigging chart can be used

The ambient temperature and the cable size


What is the function of a cable tension regulator

It automatically adjusts the cable tension to compensate for expansion and contraction in the aircraft structure


Describe the function of a rotorcraft collective pitch control

Used to change the pitch of the main rotor blades therefore increases or decreases lift


Describe the function of a rotorcraft cyclic pitch control

The cyclic control tilts the main rotor disc by changing the pitch angle of each rotor blade during its cycle of rotation which causes the helicopter to move in the direction the rotor tilts


What mechanism is most commonly used to compensate for the torque produced by the main rotor of a helicopter

The tail rotor


How is the amount of thrust produced by the tail rotor controlled

By moving the foot pedal


Why should control surfaces be locked when an aircraft is parked

To prevent damage from the wind


What is the function of a vortex generator

Prevents separation from the surface of the wing


What is the function of the ailerons on an airplane

Ailerons rotate the airplane about its longitudinal axis


What is the function of a rudder

Rotates the airplane about its vertical axis


How much is a fairlead allowed to deflect a control cable

3 degrees


What are vortex generators

Small airfoils mounted on the upper surface of the wings. Designed to prevent airflow from separating from the upper surface of the wing


What factor are used to determine the proper tension cable

Size of cable and outside temperature


What reference publication should be used to rig aircraft included the control system

Refer to aircraft specifications, TCDS issued by FAA, and also the maintenance manual issued by manufacture