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What aircraft instrument can be used to check a manifold pressure gauge for proper indication

Sensitive altimeter


Name several of the indication errors that may be found in altimeters

Scale errors, hysteresis, friction, installation


What is the signal source in an electrical resistance type temperature induction system

A temperature bulb or sensing element


What type of temperature sensing system is normally used to measure a turbine engine exhaust gas temperature

Thermocouple type system


What operating parameter is indicated by a tachometer

Engine RPM


What is the name of the effect that causes a gyro to respond to an applied force at a point 90 degrees further in the direction of rotation

Gyroscope precession


What are toe items that should be considered during inspection of a magnetic compass

1. The fluid must be clear
2. Housing must be full with no bubbles
3. Compass should be properly calibrated


Describe the basic operating concept of a synchro-type remote indicating system

A remote transmitter electrically signal a receiver inside the instrument


What aircraft instruments are connected to the pitot static system

The altimeter, vertical speed indicator, and airspeed indicator


Why should you avoid cleaning obstructions from the sensing holes in a pitot static system with tool

The holes are aerodynamically critical


After components in a pitot static system have been replaced what test or inspection are required

The static system leak test specified by FAR 91.411


What quantity is accurately measured by a capacitance type fuel quantity indicating system

The mass of the fuel


Who is authorized to apply the range markings to an instrument dial face

The manufacturer or a certificated instrument repair station


What is the purpose of a slippage mark on an instrument glass

To indicate if the glass has moved which could cause incorrect range markings on an instrument


What reference should be consulted to determine the proper range markings for aircraft instruments

Aircraft maintenance Manuel, aircraft flight manual, type certificate data sheet or aircraft specifications


What is the meaning of a yellow arc on an aircraft instrument

A caution or limited flight operations range


What is the maximum amount of deviation error allowed when magnetic compass is installed in an aircraft

10 degrees


What error is corrected when an aircraft compass is swung

Deviation error


What are the vanes of a wet type air pump made of



What toe types of pumps are used in the low pressure pneumatic system

Dry type and wet type air pump


What are the vanes of a dry type air pump made of



Where are the requirements for the altimeter system tests found

Part 43 Appendix E


How often should a altimeter be checked if it is installed in an aircraft used in IFR flight

Every 24 colander months


What instrument indications will result if the static pressure line becomes disconnected inside the cabin of a pressurized aircraft

Altimeter and airspeed indications will be lower than normal and the vertical speed indicator will indicate a momentary decent and then return to Zero


What are the sources of power to gyroscopic instrument operation

Gyroscopic instruments can be operated either by vacuum, electricity or by air pressure


Where are instrument range marking placed

Placed on the outer edge of the cover glass or over the calibrations on the dial face of the instrument


When inspecting a magnetic compass the bowl should be filled with liquid and should not contain any bubbles or discoloration. what is the purpose of the liquid in the bowl

To dampen the oscillations of the floats


Why do you not try to remove blockage in a pitot system

To prevent further damage to the pitot system


A static check may be performed on a manifold pressure gauge by using what piece of information

Current atmospheric pressure