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Are thermal switches wired in series or in parallel with each other



How are the detector units in a double loop Fenwal system wired

Parallel between two complete loops of wiring


In what way is a thermocouple fire warning system different from a thermal switch system

Thermocouple systems are sensitive to the rate of temperature change, thermal switch systems respond to a specific temperature value


Briefly describe the components of a Kiddie continuous loop fire system

has a tube containing one or more wires embedded in a ceramic core whose resistance changes with temperature


Describe Lindberg fire detective system

Stainless steel tube contains an inert gas and material that absorbs some of the gas. When the tube is heated up some gas is released raising the pressure in the tube which activates a pressure switch


How can the operation of a photoelectric smoke detector be tested

Actuating a test switch


Name two types of smoke detection systems used in aircraft

Photoelectric, and ionization


What are the usual locations where a carbon monoxide detector would be installed

Aircraft cockpit cabin


How does a carbon monoxide detector indicate the presence of this deadly gas

Tan spot on the detector turns gray or black


What are the possible effects of kinks and sharp bends in the sensing elements of a fire warning system

False fire warnings caused by short circuit


How is a freon container checked for proper pressure

A chart is used to determine the maximum and minimum gauge pressure and readings are based on ambient temperature


Name the two basic types of fire extinguishing systems

Conventional systems and high-rate discharge system


Name the extinguishing agent most commonly used by conventional fire extinguishing systems

Carbon dioxide


Name the extinguishing agent most commonly used by high-rate discharge fire extinguishing systems

Halon 1301


How are Freon bottles protected from excessively high temperatures and how can you tell that this has occurred

Thermal fuse will release the agent if the bottle temperature is exceeded. This blows out a red indicator disk


What condition is indicated if the yellow disk is missing in a fire extinguishing system

The system has been discharged normally


How is the service life of a discharge cartridge calculated

From the date stamped on the cartridge by manufacture


What type of fire extinguisher is recommended for extinguishing a brake fire

Dry-powder type extinguisher


Briefly describe the components of a thermal switch fire detection system

Temperature sensitive switches that complete a circuit at a specific temperature and trigger a warning


How can you determine the state of charge of a CO2 fire extinguisher

By its weight


How can you tell the state of charge of a freon fire extinguisher

Pressure shown on the built in gauge


What is indicted if the red disk in a built in fire extinguishing system is blown out

An overheat condition has occurred