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Where do you find the regulation that specifies the operating conditions that make 100 hour inspections mandatory?

FAR Part 91


A certificated airframe and powerplant mechanic may sign off and approve the return to service following what type of inspection.

A 100 hour inspection.


Under what conditions may a mechanic perform an annual inspection and return the aircraft to service?

The mechanic must hold an Inspection Authorization.


What is the time frame within which an annual inspection must be performed if such an inspection is required?

Within the preceding 12 calendar months.


Under what conditions may any checklist be used as a guide for a 100 hour inspection?

The checklist must meet the minimum standards specified in FAR Part 43, Appendix D.


May an aircraft that is overdue for an annual inspection be flown to a place where the inspection can be performed?

Yes, provided a ferry permit is obtained.


In order for an individual person to conduct a 100 hour inspection and approve the return to service, that person must have what type of certificate?

A mechanics certificate with both the airframe and powerplant ratings.


An aircraft is required by FAR 91.409 to have a 100 hour inspection. Is it legal to fly that aircraft beyond the inspection requirement, and if so, for how long?

Yes, the aircraft may be operated for up to 10 hours, if required, to reach a place where the inspection can be accomplished.


An airplane is flown 4 hours over the 100 hour inspection limit to reach you maintenance facility. How do you account for those 4 hours?

The 4 hours are included in the next 100 hour time in service period.


What types of operations require that aircraft operating under Part 91 must undergo 100 hour inspections?

Aircraft operated for compensation or hire, or used for flight instruction when provided by the flight instructor.


An aircraft under a progressive inspection program is operated for compensation or hire. Does it need a 100 hour inspection?

No, progressive inspections replace 100 hour inspections.


Who is authorized to supervise a progressive inspection?

Certified A&P mechanics who hold an Inspection Authorization, certified repair stations, or the aircraft manufacturer.


When a progressive inspection program is discontinued, at what time is the next 100 hour inspection due?

100 hours after the last complete inspection of the progressive program.


A owner desires to use a progressive inspection program. To whom does the owner apply for authorization.

To the FAA Flight Standards District Office having jurisdiction over the area where the owner is located.


Is an engine run up required as part of a 100 hour inspection on a turbine powered aircraft?



Where would you locate the required items that must be recorded in the aircraft maintenance records following completion of a 100 hour inspection?

FAR Part 43


Where might you locate a sample of the recommended statement for recording the approval for return to service of an aircraft following completion of an annual or 100 hour inspection.

FAR Part 43


Where would you look to find approved information for work on an aircraft electrical system?

In the manufacturers maintenance manual or other instructions for continued airworthiness.


What are the limitations placed on mechanics with regard to propellers?

Mechanics may not perform major repairs to, or alterations of, propellers.


After equipment is installed in accordance with an STC, who must approve the return to service?

An A&P mechanic who holds and Inspection Authorization