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What is indicated by the markings on the heads of solid shank rivets?

The material that they are made of, and indirectly, their strength.


How can you keep heat treated aluminum alloy rivets soft enough to install after the quenching process?

If the rivets are stored in a freezer they will remain soft for several days.


What is the grip length of a bolt?

The length of the unthreaded portion.


In what way are AN standard steel bolts identified?

By the code markings on the bolt heads.


What is the difference between a close tolerance bolt and a general purpose bolt?

Close tolerance bolts are machined to more accurate dimensions.


For what types of applications are self-locking nuts not allowed?

Self locking nuts may not be used when either the bolt or the nut is subject to rotation.


If the maintenance procedures do not specify a torque value for a bolt or nut, how can you determine the proper values?

Consult a standard torque table such as found in AC 43.13-1B.


What is the most commonly used type of aircraft control cable?

Extra flexible 7 X 19 stainless steel cable.