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Basic Mistakes

Self defeating aspects of an individuals lifestyle derived from early recollections


Analytic Aspect

Adlerian counseling is neoanalytic model. Most behavior is driven beyond our awareness. Inner reality directs actions.


Sources of Inferiority

Systems of cultural oppressions, unresolved physical disability, family dynamics


Telological Aspect

People have a n need for meaning, all behavior is goal driven. What is the goal beneath the behavior?


Acting as if

Patient is asked to act as if the action will work. Prominent Alderian theory


Creating images

a therapist suggests and imagine to a patient that can be used to help them accomplish something. Adler believed a mental picture could have a larger impact that reminding oneself to do something


Assessing Discouragement

- How strong is the feeling of inferiority
- How low is the social interest
- how exaggerated is the final goal


Basic Mistakes: Overgeneralizations

"all, never, everyone, anything" EX "Everyone should like me. I can never do anything right"


Lifestyle Assessment (used early on in Alderian therapy)

1. Family Consellaion Interview, early relationships and their importance
2) The question... how the person views what their life would be like after the symptom is gone
3) Ask about earliest memories, no historical truth but narrative truth


Avoiding the tar baby

a tar baby is a sticky trap laid by the patient to confirm something they internally believe is true



Expressing your experiences of what is happening at this very moment



important alderian concept that builds rapport and strengthens patient esteem


life tasks and therapy

asking patients to rate their feeling in the five main tasks of life (love, occupation, society, self development, spiritual development). Can be used to identify things to work on and how therapy is progressing


Factors that hamper development of self confidence and social interest

physical disabilities, pampering, neglect


superiority complex

inflate one's self importance in over o overcome feelings of inferiority


task setting and commitment

Focusing on smaller goals and giving encouragement when it's completed than the larger goal



small take home tasks the patient can complete


Style of Life

Determines how a person adapts to his life and ways in which they create solutions and means of achieving goals. Often means overcoming inferiority. Your way of living in the world Adler believed this is developed in early childhood 6-8 years old and operates in the background unless we make an effort to change it.



Being persistently demanding, antagonistic, complaining, blaming, making excuses and fearful all reveal discouragement, Shows low social interest or community/exagerated sense of inferiority. Anticipate failure, avoid life tasks, or result to fictional means



how do we find our place in the family and how does it move into the world as we age.


Alderian's lifestyle tasks

self development, spiritual development, occupations, cosset and love


Spiting in a clients soup

the act of making an action appear less appealing to a client. EX a mother who says she sacrifices all her time for her children the therapist may point out how unfortunate it is she has no time for her personal life and care. It makes the behavior seems less attractive


distinction between psychotherapy/counseling

psychotherapy required if changes in lifestyle need to be made. Counseling appropriate if changes could be made within a lifestyle


Basic Mistakes: "Faulty values"

primarily to do with behavior "You have to cheat to get your way" or "take advantage of others before they take advantage of you"


Three Stages of Social Interest

Aptitude, ability, secondary dynamic characteristics


Inferiority complex

the presentation of the person to himself and others that he is not strong enough to solve a given problem in a socially useful way


Basic Mistakes: False or impossible goals of security

Individual sees the society as working against him or her and is likely to experience anxiety.
EX: People want to take advantage of me or I'll never succeed


3 Factors of Person in Alderian Counseling

Sociological, Teleoglogical


terminating and summarizing the interview

Algerians believe time limits should be clear and the end of the session used to summarize and get the clients view of the session


Basic Mistakes: Misperceptions of Life and LIfe's demands

"Life is too hard" and "I never get a break"