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What lights should a driver use in dense fog?

Front and rear fog lights along with dipped headlights


What should a driver do if dazzled by the lights of an oncoming vehicle?

Look to the left-hand edge of the roadway and slow down if necessary


What danger should a driver allow for over the brow of a hill?

There may be a slow moving vehicle in your lane
A vehicle may be broken down
There may be oncoming pedestrians
There may be livestock on the road
There may be hedge-cutting taking place


When driving on a road with tram lines why should a driver take extra care?

Driving on the tracks can reduce tire grip


After a heavy downpour, why should a driver keep a greater distance from the vehicle in front?

Because wheel spray may impair visibility


What should the driver do when there is a sharp dip in the road ahead?

Reduce speed, keep to the left and be alert for hazards ahead


What should a driver do if they see a red warning triangle on the road?

Slow down and expect a hazard up ahead


What should a driver do if there is a large oil spill on the road?

Reduce speed by gently applying the breaks and switch on the hazard warning lights


What do flashing amber beacons on an oncoming vehicle alert a driver to?

That the oncoming vehicle may be slow moving or extra wide


When preparing to stop, a driver notices the vehicle behind is towing a trailer. What should the driver do?

Indicate in good time and pull in gradually to allow the vehicle behind extra stopping distance