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What lights should a driver use when driving in dense fog?

dipped headlights and fog lights


When driving at night how far ahead can a driver see with full headlights?

100 metres


When driving with dipped headlights at night how far ahead can be seen?

30 metres


What happens if headlights are incorrectly adjusted?

Oncoming drivers can be dazzled


What should you do if blinded by the lights of an oncoming vehicle?

Look towards the verge and slow down and stop if necessary


What speed should you drive at night?

One that enables the drier to stop within the distance they can see ahead of them


When can a driver expect to encounter black ice?

When the temperature drops close to freezing


What should a driver do if there is black ice on the road?

Avoid harsh braking, steering and acceleration


Where on the road is there likely to be black ice?

Sheltered or shaded areas


What effect can icy roads have on the vehicle?

More likely to skid


How should a driver deal with a steep hill when the road is slippery?

Drive with extreme caution


What should a driver do when they encounter mud on the road?

Reduce speed
Be aware of farm or works vehicles on the road


What should a driver do after passing through a flooded section of road?

Apply the brake pedal lightly at slow speed for a short distance to dry the brakes


What should a driver do where a section of road ahead has a shallow flooded area?

Drive in a low gear as slowly as possible keeping the revs high


To whom should a driver report aggressive driving?

Local garda station
Traffic watch