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What should a driver do if the vehicle's windows and mirrors are covered in ice?

Switch on the heating system and use a scraper to clear the ice before driving


What should a driver do if condensation is affecting the vehicle's windows?

Dry the windows with a cloth and then use the demister system


What specific observations should a driver make before reversing their vehicle?

Look over both shoulders and behind


What specific observations should a driver make before reversing a vehicle fitted with an external audible warning device?

Front, sides and rear of vehicle including blind spots


What should a driver do in order to keep alert during a long journey?

Increase air circulation and stop if necessary
Stop, park in a safe place and have a cup of coffee


When should the handbrake be used to bring a vehicle to a halt?

Normally never


What is the danger associated with applying the handbrake when the vehicle is moving?

Wheels could lock and cause the vehicle to skid


Why should a tractor be driven more slowly on uneven road surfaces?

To avoid severe bouncing


What would a lightness in steering most likely indicate?

Icy surface


How should a steep descent be negotiated in snow or frosty weather?

Engage a lower gear early and use gentle braking applications to keep the speed down


What should a driver do before starting a journey in bad weather?

Top up the windscreen washer reservoir
Check the weather forecast


When should rear fog lights be used?

In dense fog or falling snow


What should a driver do if dazzled by headlights reflecting in the rear-view mirror of their car?

Use night-driving mode on the rear-view mirror
Temporarily adjust the angle of the mirror


At night what effect could driving with a single headlight have on oncoming drivers?

They could mistake the oncoming vehicle for a motorcycle


What lights should be shown on a parked car, tractor or works vehicle at night on an unlit public road?

At least one side lamp front and rear on the side nearest the road


What danger could be associated with driving a tractor and trailer over a humpbacked bridge?

Trailer could become detached


Before entering a tunnel, what should a driver do in order to improve vision?

Take off sunglasses


How would a driver calculate the maximum overall permitted weight of their vehicle?

By adding the unladen weight of the vehicle to the load permitted to be carried


What is the maximum gross weight of a vehicle that may be driven by the holder of a category B licence?

3500 kilograms


What is the maximum number of passengers that may be carried in a vehicle driven by the holder of a category B driving licence?



When can the holder of a category W learner permit carry a pasenger?

Only when passenger also holds a category W driving licence and the vehicle is designed to carry a passenger


What danger can arise from the power take-off shaft of a tractor?

If it isn't covered clothing can get caught in it


How could towing an overloaded trailer affect a vehicle?

It could affect the vehicle's steering and braking


When is a red flag a sufficient marker for a rear load overhang that exceeds one metre?

Only during the day


At what point is a vehicle load more likely to shift?



How should a driver negotiate a bend when driving a fully loaded vehicle?

Slower speed than when empty


When attaching a trailer to their vehicle, what must a driver check?

Load is evenly spread
Trailer coupling is attached securely


What should a driver do to secure the towing vehicle before unhitching a trailer?

Apply the handbrake, switch off the ignition and engage a low gear


What is meant by the term jack-knifing?

When the trailer is moving faster than the drawing vehicle


When is jack-knifing most likely to occur?

When trying to reduce speed sharply when travelling downhill