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In order to turn right on a one way street, how must you position the vehicle?

As close as possible to the right-hand side of the road


What traffic may use a contra-flow bus lane?

Buses on a scheduled service


What traffic may use with-flow bus lanes during the times specified on the signs?

Buses, taxis and cyclists


When driving along a dual carriageway which lane should the driver be in?

Left unless they wish to overtake or turn right


What does a 2-plus-1 road have?

Two lanes in one direction and one in the opposite


Where may a driver overtake on a 2-plus-1 road?

In the 2 lane stretch


What should a tyre pressure be for driving on a motorway?

Correct and in line with the manufacturer's recommendations


What should a driver do when joining a motorway from a slip road?

Try to match the speed of the traffic already on the motorway and merge into it with a suitable gap


Is a driver permitted to pick up or set down a passenger on a motorway?



What should a driver do if they miss their exist?

Leave the motorway at the next exit and cross to the other side using the fly-over


What should a driver do when entering a slip road after leaving a motorway?

Comply with the speed limit on the road the driver is joining


What is the main difference between driving on a motorway and driving on other roads?

Motorways are higher speed


On a 2-lane motorway, what procedure should a driver adopt when overtaking another vehicle?

Mirrors, signal, overtake in right hand lane


What can the hard shoulder of a motorway be used for?

Stopping in an emergency


After exiting the motorway and coming towards a junction at the end of the deceleration lane what should a driver do?

Be alert for oncoming and crossing traffic at the end of the slip road


Who has right of way at a cross junction of equal importance?

Traffic on the driver's right


What is a clearway?

An area where stopping and parking is not permitted during certain times


In what direction should a driver turn when entering a round about?

To the left


If a driver intends to take an exit in the first half of the roundabout, which lane should they enter from?



When turning right on a two-way road, where should a driver position the vehicle?

Just left of centre


What should a driver do before turning right from a major road to a minor road?

Yield right of way to oncoming traffic and to pedestrians crossing


What should a driver do before entering a tunnel?

Switch on dipped headlights
Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front


What should a driver do if there is very heavy traffic congestion in a tunnel?

Switch on hazard warning lights


What should a driver do if traffic comes to a halt in a tunnel?

Switch off the engine


What should a driver do if their vehicle breaks down or they are involved in a collision in a tunnel?

Switch on hazard warning lights
Walk to emergency station to call for help


What should a driver do if their vehicle goes on fire in a tunnel?

Leave the vehicle
Follow the emergency escape route