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General rule - comment

ALL --> noun in plural
f.e All of the ducks are yellow.

Every --> noun in singular.
f.e Every duck is yellow.

All + possessive(my, your, his, her, its , our and their) --> we do not use every in this case.
f.e - all of your tablets are brown.

All + demonstrative(this, that, those, these).
f.e - all of those itens are blue.

All + uncountable noun --> we can not separate then, for exemple Milk, music, furniture.
f.e Stephan likes all music.

Whole of = all of
f.e My friend ate whole of cake or my friend ate all of cake.


For time expressions - ALL/Every - correct use

Duration of time - all
f.e Tomorrow, I will work all day.

Regular event - every
f.e Last week, I worked every day.