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to be form - rules

HE/SHE/IT - infinite form + s
*if verb ends with "Y" --> i +es
*if verb ends with -s -sh -ch -z or -x --> +es

Others --> infinitive form only


when we use HAVE/GO/DO - rule



Present simples uses - say about that

1 - Facts or permanent situations(happens regularly).
p.e - Worker wakes up early.

2- things that happen regularly, repeatedely or all the time.
p.e - She works in that hospital every week.
My cousin arrives early twice a month.

3- Demonstrations, serie of events, commentary
p.e - I double-click here and things gets right!

4- Temporary situations - physical emotions/fellings.
p.e I like this wine.
I'm liking this wine(WRONG).