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Pericardiacophrenic & superior phrenic aa

-supply superior surface of diaphragm (via int. thoracic a & thoracic aorta)


Inferior phrenic aa

- supply inferior surface of diaphragm (via abdominal aorta)
- sends off 6-8 Sup. suprarenal aa.


Musculophrenic aa

- supply periphery of diaphragm and upper abdominal mm. (via int. thoracic aa.)
-Br. of Internal Thoracic (Mammary)
-Runs along costal cartilage


Superior Epigastric aa.

-Br. of Internal Thoracic (Mammary)
-Enters posterior rectus sheath lat. to sternum
-Supplies upper rectus abdominus mm.
-Anastomoses with Inf. Epigastric


Celiac Trunk

- 1st major br. of Abd aorta
- Supplies liver, gb, esophagus, stomach, pancreas & spleen
-3 main branches
1)Common hepatic
2) L. gastric
3) Splenic aa.


Splenic a.

- Left br. of celiac trunk
- Runs toward spleen
- supplies pancreas & spleen
-Sends short gastric aa. & L gastroepiploic a.
-supply greater curvature of stomach


L Gastric a.

- Superior br. of celiac trunk
- Runs L toward lesser curvature of stomach
- supplies stomach & esophagus (via esophageal brs.)


Common Hepatic a.

- Right br. of celiac trunk
- Runs toward liver & gallbladder
- 2 terminal branches:
1) Proper hepatic a.
2) Gastroduodenal a.


Proper Hepatic a.

- Superior br. of common hepatic a.
- Runs toward liver & medial to bile duct
- Splits into R & L hepatic aa


R. Gastric a.

- usually arises from proper hepatic a.
-May arise from common hepatic or gastroduodenal aa.
- Anastomoses with L. gastric a.
- Supplies lesser curvature of stomach


Cystic a.

- usually arises from R hepatic a.
- 75% run post. to common hepatic duct
- 24% run ant. to common hepatic duct
- 1% are double cystic aa.
- Supplies gallbladder & cystic duct


Common Hepatic aa. Variations

- variations ~ 40%
- R hepatic a. may arise from SMA
- L hepatic a. may arise from L. gastric a.
-Both R and L hepatic aa. may arise from celiac trunk
Accessory R & L hepatic aa also common


Gastroduodenal a.

- Inferior br. of common hepatic a.
- Runs toward junction of stomach & duodenum
- sends Supr. pancreaticoduodenal aa. to pancreas/duodenum
- sends R gastroepiploic a to gr. curvature of stomach


Superior & Inferior Pancreaticoduodenal aa.

- Gastroduodenal a. sends off Supr. pancreaticoduodenal aa.
- SMA gives off Inferior pancreaticoduodenal aa.
- They anastomose and supply head of pancreas & duodenum

*Splenic a. supplies rest of pancreas with additional branches


Lumbar aa,

- 4 pairs aa
- brs of Abd aorta
(sup to bifurcation)

Aorta bifurcates at L4
level of umbilicus


Suprarenal aa.

- supply adrenal glands
1) Sup. suprarenal aa (6-8) from Inferior phrenic a.
2) Middle suprarenal aa (1+) from Abdominal aa.
3) Inf. suprarenal aa (1+) from Renal aa.


Renal aa.

- R longer
- R passes posterior to IVC
- Each divides at hilum into segmental aa.
- Enter hilum of each kidney to supply it 

- lateral branches of abdominal aorta (lateral to SMA) 

- sends off brs. to adrenal glands via inf. suprarenal aa., and ureters


Ureter aa.

– arise from 3-4 sources:
1) renal a.
2) testicular or ovarian a.
3) abdominal aorta
4) internal iliac a. (Pelvic cavity)


Gonadal aa.

• lateral branches of abdominal aorta (inf. to renal aa.)
• Ovarian aa (♀)
– crosses over ureters & iliac vessels
– descends to pelvis to supply ovaries
• Testicular aa. (♂)
– crosses over ureters & enters inguinal canal
– descends into scrotum to supply testes


Deep Circumflex Iliac aa.

- Br. of External Iliac
- Runs between IO & TA
Supplies inferior lateral abdominal mm.


Inferior Epigastric aa.

-Br. of External Iliac
-Enters posterior rectus sheath at arcuate line
-Supplies lower rectus abdominus mm.
-anastomoses with Sup. Epigastric


Superficial Circumflex Iliac aa.

- br. of femoral a.
- supplies region of inguinal ligament


Superficial Epigastric aa.

- br. of femoral a.
- supplies abdomen infr. to umbilicus.


Internal iliac aa.

- enter true pelvis & branches
- 3 posterior & 7 anterior
- supplies pelvic organs & gluteal region


Iliolumbar a.

- between iliac crest & L5
- supplies medial ilium & L5


Lateral Sacral a.

- enters ventral sacral foramina
- supplies sacrum & ventral sacral nn.


Superior Gluteal a.

- between L5 & S1
-enters gluteal region superior to piriformis m.
-supplies gluteal mm. with superior gluteal nn.
-exits greater sciatic foramen


Inferior Gluteal a.

- Between S2 & S3(S1 & S2)
- inferior to piriformis m.
- supplies gluteal mm with inferior gluteal nn.

NOTE: both Sup. & Inf. Gluteal aa. exit pelvis via greater sciatic foramen


Middle Rectal a.

- supplies rectum
- anastomoses with superior rectal from IMA & inferior rectal from internal pudendal a.


Internal pudendal a.

- runs with pudendal n.
- exits pelvis thru greater sciatic foramen
- enters gluteal region inferomedial to piriformis
- crosses over sacrospinous ligament
- re-enters pelvis thru lesser sciatic foramen
- supplies UG & anal Δs