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How was the king chosen?

Council of highest ranking nobles (Witan), it was often the Earl of Wessex


What was the kings role?

Defend the kingdom and protect the church


How was the Anglo-Saxon state run?

Give and take with nobles and churchmen


What changed in this period?

Viking invasion by Sweyn Forkbeard in 1013, but a lot remained the same


How was England's land organised?

Numerous kingdoms, mainly Wessex, East Anglia, Mercia and Northumbria


Who were Anglo-Saxon heroes?

Alfred the Great, Athelstan and Edgar


How successful were towns and trade in Aethelred's England?

Growing town population, businesses were stable, clear laws, efficient administration, functional currency


How successful was the church in Aethelred's England?

Flourishing, nobles paid for their own churches, source of art and culture, give take relationship with the king


How was Anglo-Saxon England governed?

Most important people in the Witan, Thegns were lesser nobles, in the hundreds officials ruled on the kings behalf


Was Aethelred's England peaceful?

Viking rivals as well as rivals in Wales and Scotland, Danegeld was introduced, raids were common


What were Aethelred's problems?

Viking raids, mostly supported by Wessex, successful Viking invasion in 1013


What were Aethelred's weaknesses?

Trusted the wrong people, couldn't command loyalty, made bad decisions, poorly advised (Unready)


What happened under Cnut?

Divided into four Earldoms, Earldoms were ruled by others when he was away, relatively peaceful and stable, hard to decide who to succeed when Cnut died


What did Edward the Confessor introduce?

Sheriffs who did day-to-day government jobs


What were Edwards problems?

Couldn't see eye to eye with the Godwins, Godwins tried to uprise, Godwins successfully invaded after exile, Godwin family had a lot of power