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Saphaneous vein graft? Clinical use?

Removal of saphaneous vein to do bypass of arteries


Saphenous cutdown? Where? What vein is targeted? What nerve is at risk? Clinical complaints?

Skin incision anterior to medial malleolus to have prolonged administration of blood. The saphenous nerve is at risk which results in pain/numbness to medial foot.


Deep veins of the thigh

deep vein of the thigh joins the terminal portion of the femoral vein which passes deep to the inguinal ligament to become the external iliac vein.


What is deep vein thrombosis?

one or more of the deep veins of the lower limb is swollen, warm, erythema (inflammation and infection) can cause venous statis. could cause pulmonary thromboembolism.


Varicose veins in lower limb? What is incompetent? what direction does the blood flow to create these?

Great saphenous vein and tributaries. the valves are incompetent due to dilation or rotation and no longer function properly. blood flows inferiorly.


Lymphatic drainage

Superficial veins accompany saphenous veins and end in the superficial inguinal lymph nodes-->external iliac lymph nodes or deep inguinal lymph nodes
lymph nodes with small saphenous vein enter popliteal lymph nodes
deep lymph vessels accompany deep veins to the deep inguinal lymph nodes--> lumbar lymphatic trunks


Superficial drainage of the thigh

Dorsal venous arch of the foot--> anterior to the medial malleaous comes the greater saphaneous vein (medial calf seen from anterior side) which emptys into the femoral vein via the saphenous opening.
Posterior to medial mallaeous, the small saphanous vein goes up the back side of the calf and pierces cural fascia before becoming the popliteal vien--->femoral vein


Paralysis of quadriceps femoris

Cannot extend the leg against resistance and usually presses on the distal end of the thigh during walking
weakness of the vastus lateralis
femoral nerve


femoral sheath

diverticulum of transversalis fascia, wraps femoral artery,and vein for thier first 2 or 3 trips through the femoral triangle. NOT NERVE. lateral--artery, middle --vein medial--empty


femoral hernia

originates in the femoral ring (anterior abdominal wall), protrusion of abdominal viscera (small intestine), into the femoral canal. mass in the femorial triangle inferolateral to pubic tubercle. could pass through saphenous opening. out of the inguinal ligament


femoral nerve block

for surgery on the anterior aspect of the thigh or superficial operations on the medial lower leg (saphenous nerve).
lateral to the femoral artery and superficial to the iliopsoas msucle
medial side of leg is due to the saphenous nerve being affected


charley horse

cramp in the muscle in the leg, caused by strain or injury


psoas abcess

retroperitoneal pyogenic infection in the abdominal or greater pelvis. abcess passes between the psoas and its fascian to the inguinal and proximal thigh region--severe pain


Patellar reflex

L2-L4 anything that effects the innervation of quadriceps


Injury to superior gluteal nerve

innervates gluteus median. causes gluteal gait. falling of pelvis to unaffected side.


Normal function of gluteus medius nerve

stabilize pelvis while opposite foot is off ground.