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Lunate dislocation

anteriorly on the dorsiflexed wrist (extended wrist) this could lead to median nerve compression and carpal tunnel
--no thumb opposition
sensory on the lateral 3 1/2 fingers


Schapoid fracture

Fall when hand is abducted. avascular necrosis results (pathological death of bone resulting from inadequate blood supply)= degenerative joint disease of the wrist (radio carpal joint--scapoid, lunate, triquertrum)



tennis elbow. repetitive use of superficial extensor muscles. injury of periosteum.


Medial epicondyle apophysitis

inflammation of medial epicondyle by overuse of the superficial flexors


Radial head sublaxation

incomplete or partial dislocation of the head of the radius (from the capitulum) tearing of the annular ligament. if this gets trapped, severe paind


Most common elbow dislocation

posterior--children falling on outstretched arm.
ulnar collateral ligament often torn
fracture of head of radius, coronoid process, or olecranon-- numbness of little finger and weak flexion and adduction of wrist (ulnar nerve/median nerve)


Common direction of shoulder joint

downward/inferior direction, then anteriorly to the infraglenois tubercle (attachment of long head of triceps brachii)


What prevents the shoulder from dislocating superiorly?

Coracoacromial arch and rotator cuff


Shoulder seperation

injury of the acromioclavicular joint-- acromioclavicular ligament and coraclavicular ligament


Sensory innervation of the hand

Radial nerve--dorsal digital branches to the back of the hand below the distalk phalanges 1-3
ulnar- dorsal digital branches and dorsal branches of proper palmar nerves
median-proper palmar digital arches (with dorsal branches)


Innervation of palmar side of the hand

median nerve lateral 2 lumbericals, thenar compartment
ulnar--everything else


Radial artery is responsible for

deep palmar arch-->proper metacarpal arteries that supply the digits.
splits into princips pollicis which splits to the radialis indicis


Superficial palmar arch

mainly ulnar artery. superficial palmar arch-->common palmar digital arteris-->proper palmar digital arteries.


Hamate fracture affects what nerve and artery?

Ulnar nerve and artery located in Guyon Tunnel.
2 medial lumbercles (causing hyper extension, and flexion at IP joints)--resting claw hand
loss of sensation medial 1 1/2 digits