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Define Parapraxes

leakages from the unconscious mind that manifest as mistakes, accidents, omissions, or memory lapses


Freudian slip

From belief that everything has a cause


What is Forgetting?

suppressing something in the unconscious mind affects real life
-Usually the result of repression


What are slips?

unintended actions
Often in speech, but also in action
More likely when a person is tired, not paying attention, in a hurry, or excited


What is humor?

a forbidden impulse is expressed in a controlled manner


What are Good jokes?

surprise is used to let otherwise problematic thoughts and impulses be enjoyed without causing anxiety


What are bad jokes?

there is not a forbidden impulse; too direct to be surprising


Critiques for psychoanalyic theory?

-Excessive complexity
-Dependence on case studies
Theories are based on introspection and insight from specific cases, not on public, scientific observations
High likelihood of bias


What is another critique of psychoanalytic theory?

Vague definitions
Concepts not defined in terms of the operations or procedures used to identify or measure them (operational definitions)


Can psychoanalytic stuff be tested?

Untestability: cannot be proven false
Hypotheses based on the theory can only sometimes be proven false


What are critiques regarding sexism?

Males are considered to be the norm
Females are considered as aberrations or deviations from the male model
Freud thought females had less self-esteem, creativity, and morality than males


Why Study Freud?

Focused on ideas that are underemphasized elsewhere
Conflicting motives are a source of anxiety
Importance of childhood experiences
Influence on modern conceptions of the mind
Influence on the practice of psychotherapy
Many ideas in popular culture
Revival of Freudian thought in research
Proposed the only complete theory of personality