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What is the timing for the genital stage?

from puberty on
This stage is not passed through, but attained


What is the physical focus of the genital stage?

-genitals and the process of reproduction
-Focus on creation and enhancement of life, intellectual, artistic, or scientific contributions


What is the Psychological theme of genital stage?

maturity/productivity and intimacy


What is the achievement of the genital stage?

well-adjusted and balanced
Mental health achievement: the ability “to love and to work”


What it the secondary process thinking: conscious thought?

Rational and practical
Able to delay or redirect gratification
How the conscious part of the ego thinks
Develops second; less important role


What is the primary process thinking?

-the way the unconscious mind operates
-How the id thinks
-Does not contain the idea of “no” (because no principle of separateness and a very different sense of time)


What is the goal of primary process thinking?

Goal is gratification of needs


What is condensation?

: several ideas are compressed into one


What is symbolization?

one thing stands for another


When is primary process thinking seen?

Seen in very young children, during delirium and dreams, in art, and sometimes in psychosis
Rarely directly conscious (or agentive)
Can leak out in slips of the tongue, humor, accidents, and memory lapses/distortions


What are the three levels of consciousness?

Topographic model
conscious mind


What is the topographical model?

the iceberg


What is the conscious mind?

the part of mental functioning you can observe
Least important (in the sense of “in charge”)
Some of the ego and some of the superego


What is preconscious?

ideas you are not currently aware of but that can be brought into awareness


What is unconscious?

those areas and processes of the mind of which a person is not aware
All of id and most of the superego, some of the ego
Most important (determinative)


Is the mind physically divided into 3?

The mind is not physically divided into three parts, but it is divided; much of what occurs is unconscious


What does modern psychological research reveal?

-Different thoughts and structures of the mind work independently and can process different thoughts and motivations at the same time
-Information-processing capacity is limited, rather than energy based


What are some implications that aren't supported by research?

the hydraulic model and expression of anger


How do you use Psychoanalysis as a Therapy and as a Route toward Understanding?

Use clues (based on free association, slips of the tongue, and dreams, the transference, & interpretation of everyday life) to reveal the contents of the unconscious (mainly to make conflicts conscious and manageable)


How do you resolve problems?

Resolve problems by bringing unconscious conflicts to the surface so ego can deal with them (insight and “working through”)
May increase anxiety in the beginning
Patients must be comforted and guided through this process


If psychic determinism is true, then a possible explanation for forgetting a person’s name could be that you...

do not like the person or
are in love with the person but don’t want to admit it to yourself


During which stage of psychological development do people learn how to appropriately control their urges and what decisions are up to them or to an authority figure?



According to psychoanalytic theory, is more important than .

unconscious thought; conscious thought