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Describe the Aortic Valve anatomy and function

1. Tri leaflet 2. Allows blood flow from the LV into the aorta 3. Prevents backflow during diastole


What is the difference between a True and Functional Bicuspid AV valve?

True: 2 coronary sinuses and 2 leaflets

Functional: 3 sinues and 2 of 3 leaflets fused together


What other conditions are associated with Bicuspid AV?


  1. Aortic Stenosis (~75%)
  2. Aoritic insufficiency (regurgitation) (~25%)
  3. Aortic dilation
  4. Endocarditis


True or false:

Bicuspid AV causes a weakening of the Aortic root.


This is why Aortic dilation, dissection and aneurysms form with bicuspid AV.


True or False:
A patient has bicuspid AV valve. His family should be screened as well.

True: it is an autosomal dominant disorder.


What is the basic mechanism of Aortic Stenosis? Where does it come from?

Decreased aortic valve opening. The LV works harder to eject blood



What are the causes of Aortic stenosis?

  1. Congenital (bicuspid)
  2. Calcific
    • occurs in elderly
  3. Rheumatic (occurs with MV disease)



What are the symptoms of Aortic Stenosis?

  1. Dyspnea on exertion
  2. Exertional Angina
  3. Exertonal Lightheadedness or syncope


True or False:

Patients that are Asymptomatic Aortic stenosis have better survival rates than symptomatic pts.


Worry once they become symptomatic


What is the hallmark sound for aortic stenosis?

A murmur that crecendos and then decrecendos. the later the decrecendo the more severe.


What happens in Aortic insufficiency(regurgitation)?

Valves dont close properly and blood flows back into the LV.

Causes LV dilation, Systolic dysfunction, and HF


What is the etiology of aortic insufficiency(regurgitation)?

Valvular disease

  • Bicuspid AV
  • Aortic Stenosis (calcific, endocarditis, rheumatic)

Aortic Disease

  • Disection
  • Marfan's
  • Aneurysm/dilation


When does the murmur occur in Aortic Insufficiency (regurgitation)? How does the legnth relate to severeity?

Occurs during Diastole

Longer the murmur, more severe the problem




What are the treatments for Aortic Insufficiency? When is surgery indicated?

Treat CHF symptoms if present


To Surgery: Development of Symptoms, LV dilation or dysfunction. Of if surgery is being done for anything else.



What is the presentation of a patient with Pulmonary stenosis?

All the symptoms of RHF.


True or false:

The most common form of pulmonic valve stenosis is endocarditis


It is usually diagnosed in children or teenagers due to congenital defects.


A patient comes in and recieves an Echo. The echo shows a pulmonary insufficiency. Should you be worried? What most likely caused it?

Mild-Moderate PI is common and is not usually worrysome if asymptomatic.

Usially PIs are caused by previous surgery (ie ballooning other valves)


What is the theme as far as treating valvular diseases?

Treat symptoms with meds, then do baloon valvoplasty or replace the valve.