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What is the purpose of Acquiring Project Team?

The process of confirming human resource availability and obtaining the team necessary to complete project assignments.


What are the tools and techniques to Acquiring Project Team?

1) Pre-assignment, 2) Negotiations, 3) Acquisition, 4) Virtual Meetings, 5) Multi-criteria Decision Analysis


What is Pre-assignment?

When project team members are selected in advance.


What is Acquisition?

Acquire outside organization (contractors).


What are the outputs for Acquiring Project Team?

1) Project Staff Assignments, 2) Resource Calendars, 3) Project Management Updates


What is Resource Calendar?

Documents time periods in which resources are available.


What are the benefits to having a Virtual Team?

1) Forms teams from different geographical locations, 2) Add special expertise from different geographical locations, 3) Work from home, 4) Ability to work different shifts, hours, days, 5) Include people with mobility limitations, 6) Moved forward on projects that would have been ignored due to travel expenses.


What is Project Staff Assignment?

Documentation of staff assigned to team for a project.