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What is the purpose of Manage Team Project?

The process of tracking team member performance, providing feedback, resolving issues, and managing changes to optimize project performances.


What are the 5 types of power?

1) Formal/Legitimate - power based on position (title), 2) Expert - power based on expertise/knowledge, 3) Reward - power to reward/incentives, 4) Punishment/Penalty - power to reprimand, 5) Referent - power to based on respect (i.e. sport legend)


What is a Leader?

They motivate, inspire and create buy-in for the organization's strategic vision. Use power and politics to accomplish the vision.


What is a Manager?

They are task oriented and only concerned with satisfying stakeholder needs.


What is Expectancy Theory?

Employees are motivated by the expectation of realistic positive outcomes and related rewards.


What is Hygiene Theory (Frederick Herzberg's Motivation)?

Work environment (pay, benefits and work conditions) prevents dissatisfactions. Does not necessarily mean they are satisfied.


What is the Theory of Needs (McClelland's)?

People are motivated by 1) achievement, 2) affiliation, or 3) power and are managed accordingly.


What is the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (triangle)?

People can only ascend to a higher level after fulfilling each of the lower levels. 1) Physiological, 2) Safety, 3) Social, 4) Esteem, 5) Self-Actualization


What is Theory Z (Ouchi)?

Job for life increases loyalty.


What is McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y?

Theory X - people dislike work (manage closely) and Theory Y - people are self motivated (can be trusted to work on their own).


What are the inputs to Manage Project Team?

1) Human Resource Management Plan, 2) Project Staff Assignments, 3) Team Performance Assessments, 4) Issue Log, 5) Work Performance Reports, 5) OPA


What is Issue Log?

Used to document any disagreements and set a plan for resolution.


What is Work Performance Reports?

Provide documentation on current project status compared to forecasts in which helps determine future human resource requirements, rewards, and updates to the staffing management plan.


What are the Methods of Conflict Resolution?

1) Withdraw/Avoid - retreating from conflict (lose-lose), 2) Smooth/Accommodate - emphasizing areas of agreement but ignoring the true problem (lose-lose), 3) Force/Direct - pushing one's view point on the expense of others (win-lose), 4) Compromise/Reconcile - both parties give something up, 5) Collaborate/Problem - examining and incorporating multiple viewpoints and insights from differing perspectives, give and take (win-win).


What accounts for 50% of project conflicts?

Schedule, Priorities, and Resources


What are the tools and techniques to Manage Project Team?

1) Observation and Conversation, 2) Project Performance Appraisal, 3) Conflict Management, 4) Interpersonal Skills