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What is the purpose of Planning Human Resource Management?

The processes of identifying and documenting project roles, responsibilities, required skills, reporting relationships, and creating a Staffing Management Plan.


What are the inputs in Planning Human Resource Management?

1) Project Management Plan, 2) Activity Resource Management Plan, 3) EEO, 4) OPA


What is Organizational Charts?

Tool/technique hierarchical-type charts; shows positions in a graphic, top-down format.


What is Matrix-based Charts (Responsibility Assignment Matrix - RAM)?

Tool/technique tabular chart that shows relationships between work packages and activities and project team members.


What is a RACI Chart (RAM)?

Tool/Technique which means Responsible, Accountable, Consult, Inform


What is Organizational Theory?

Tool/Technique which is information about how people, teams, and organizational units behave.


What are the 3 components of the Human Resource Management Plan?

1) Roles and Responsibilities, 2) Project Organizational Charts, 3) Staffing Management Plan


What is Roles and Responsibilities?

Comprise of 1) Role - portion of project responsible for, 2) Authority - make decisions, sign approval, 3) Responsibility - work performed to complete the project, 4) Competency - skills and capacity to complete the project


What are the components of Staffing Management Plan?

1) Staff Acquisition, 2) Resource Calendars, 3) Staff Release Plan, 4) Training Needs, 5) Recognition & Rewards, 6) Compliance, 7) Safety


How many people should be accountable for a given activity on a RACI chart?

Only one person should be accountable for any one task to avoid confusion regarding who is ultimately in charge or has authority for the work.


What is Team-oriented Formats (Position Descriptions and Role Responsibility Authority Forms)?

Detailed descriptions usually in outline form providing information such as responsibilities, authority, competencies, and qualifications.