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What year was Samual John Peploe born?



Comment on Kent's use of material

Kent uses watercolour and inc to help create eeriness in his piece 'flowers'. The colour seeps into the grey background making it seem like the colour from the flowers is being drained.


Which movement did Colin Kent live through and what was the movement influenced by?

Abstract Expressionism movement and Surrealism movement - influenced by imaginative and experimental work.


Which movement is reflected in the style of Peploe's piece 'Still life'?

The cubist movement


Is there any contrast in Kents 'flowers' and if so what is the effect?

There is slight contrast created by the black inc. this brings attention to the flowers and makes them more obvious


State three differences between Peploe's 'Still life' and Kent's 'Flowers'

- Use of materials
Kent uses watercolour making his painting very washy and delicate
Peploe uses layers of oil paint makinh his appear thick but smooth

- Colour use
Kent uses dull colours (greys, blacks, faded reds and whites) to create a sombre mood
Peploe uses bright pastel colours which make his piece making is cheery

- Style
Kent spreads paint freely around his canvas to create random splashes of colour and loose shapes
Peploe structures his piece with jagged contour lines


What year was Colin Kent born?