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Which movement did Morris play a role in?

The Arts and Crafts movement


Why was Morris an influential designer?

He was innovative - using whiplash lines before the Art Nouveau movement
He, among others, kickstarted the Arts and Crafts movement
His ability to link art to industry and use of nature to inspire his pieces


What atmosphere might the pattern on Morris's wallpaper 'acanthus' create?

- Swirls may create a relaxing, flowing atmosphere
- The busyness of the pattern may make a room feel crowded


What mood might the colour of 'acanthus' create?

Neutral green may create a calming mood, however it wont reflect light so may make a room dark


Justify why 'acanthus' may be a good long term investment?

'Acanthus' is the work of an very influential artist and was iconic to the Arts and Crafts movement which makes it timeless, this is why it would be a good long term investment.


Which year was William Morris born in?



What year was Orla Kiely born in?



Why is Orla Kiely regarded as influential?

Orla Kiely may be regarded as influential due to the versatility of her designs. Her designs are used for a range of things including wallpaper, furnishing, clothing and household items (lampshades, towels, jars, soap dispensers...)


Why might Kiely's design 'flower tile' be appealing to a target buyer?

- Range of colour combinations make the design look appealing in a number of settings
- The use of two colours makes the design simple
- The use of three tones helps to keep the design interesting
- The variety of ways to view the design make it more interesting