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What would be standard Asbestos Policy/Best Practice?

- Substitute Asbestos with Non-Asbestos materials.
- Use Engineering Administrative controls & use PPE where substitution is not possible.


What is Asbestos?

- Mineral based material.
- Resistant to Heat & Corrosive Chemicals.
- Fibres range from coarse to silky.


Where is Asbestos typically found?

- Suspended ceilings.
- Fireproof drapes/curtains.
- Friction products (brakes, etc).
- Piping, sewers, etc.
- Insulation and lagging (high temperature machinery, boilers, etc.)


What are the recognised exposure limits?

PEL (Permissible Exposure Limit) = 0.1 fibres per cubic centimetre of air.

It is calculated as an 8 hour TWA (Time Weighted Average).

EL (Excursion Limit) = 1 fibre per cubic centimetre, averaged over a 30 minute sampling period.


What does Friability mean?

The likelihood that fibres will break loose and become airborne.


What can lead to fibre release?

- Chemical spills, leaks & fumes.
- Fans & blowers.
- Vibration.
- Impact from other objects.
- Drilling.


How does Asbestos enter the body?

- Inhalation.
- Ingestion.


What can exposure to Asbestos lead to?

- Asbestosis.
- Mesothelioma.
- Lung Cancer.


What is Mesothelioma?

A rare malignant tumour of the lung membrane which lines the chest and abdominal cavity.


What is Asbestosis?

A progressively restrictive fibrosis of the lung and is recognised as a disabling and fatal occupational disease.


What is Bronchial Lung Cancer?

A malignant tumour of the bronchial tubes.


What should you do when working with Asbestos?

- Dampen/wet the environment to prevent airborne emissions.
- Do not Drink, Eat, Smoke, Apply creams etc.
- Use PPE (full body coverall, hood, rubber gloves with inner pair, slip resistant plastic shoes/boots, face shields, vented googles, respiratory equipment).
- Cordon/restrict access to areas where work is taking place.
- Display warning signs on cordons.
- Procedures in place for changing (Shower facilities, separate changing rooms, etc).
- Have adequate disposal procedures in place.
- Provide adequate training.


Give some key disposal procedures?

- Containers must be properly labelled with standard Asbestos warnings.
- Asbestos waste containers must be colour coded for easy recognition.
- Containers must be adequately wetted.
- Double bagged in heavy duty plastic.
- Exercise care when handling, so as to not rupture bags.


What legislation should Contractors maintain compliance with?

29 CFR 1926.1101 Asbestos Standard.