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Communication Examples?

- Winning over an unresponsive/reluctant person.
Kenny White - Bus Queue.
- Explain something complex.
GTAC POB system - Senior Management & Security Officers (different techniques)
- Surveillance techniques (Belfast, Baghdad, Kosovo).


Influence examples?

Could refer to GTAC POB.
- A time when you failed to sell an idea?
Simon and team........Back to back.
- A time when you had to did you do it?
Cutting a Contractor opposed to a Trade or Subbie.
- PTI (CFT) I influenced lead PTI to take added break and get soldiers to take off jackets and helmets.


Negotiation example?

Northlink ferries - Original outlay and why....cutting back due to Summer season and no incidents.....compromises.


Integrity and Professionalism examples?

- Quinny potentially leaking sensitive information (Professional - Objective).
- Bomb hoax....held hands up, in relation to informing relevant people in a timely fashion (Integrity).


Teamwork examples?

- A situation where I played an important role?
Surveillance techniques (Belfast, Baghdad, Kosovo).
Fire fight in foot on the ground.
Foot patrol...recce of enemy camp,with Sean in jungle.
- Dysfunctional team?
Simon...own agenda....not consulting....out for himself....putting his own spin on things....lying.


What does STAR stand for?

- Situation/Scene
- Task
- Action
- Result