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When the electrical charge is strong enough to exceed the threshold, the resting membrane potential is changed into...

1. Absolute refractory period
2. Action potential
3. synapse
4. postsynaptic potential

Action potential


After discussing synaptic transmission, the tutor asks u to describe the effects of noradrenalin in one sentence.

Noradrenalin is released by the sympathetic nerves &too much can lead to mania


(Impulse conduction in neuron) resting membrane potential occurs when sodium ions are...charged + potassium ions are... charged. the total electrical charge on the inside of the membrane is...

Positively, positively,negative


Chased by dog.when safe, you catch ur breath. The physical symptoms that you now experience are controlled mainly by...

1. sympathetic nervous system
2. Central nervous system
3. Neurotransmitters
4. Parasympathetic nervous system

Parasympathetic nervous system


The process whereby an impulse moves much faster by jumping from node to node when travelling through the myelin sheath is called...

1. Myelination
2. Nodes of Ranvier
3. Saltatory conduction
4. Speed

Saltatory conduction


Low serotonin level is associated with.....just as an excess of dopamine is associated with.....

1. Muscle spasm,aggression
2. schizophrenia,suppression of pain
3. Mania, skeletal muscle contraction
4. Seasonal depression, schizophrenia

Seasonal depression, schizophrenia


What term is used to refer to the process whereby a postsynaptic potential is reinforced by action potential from the terminals of several axons reaching the same synapse simultaneously?

1. Spatial summation
2. Inhibition
3. Temporal summation
4. Excitation

Spatial summation


One student mentions that neurons can send impulses continuously. This statement is...

1. Correct, neurons are never inactive
2. Incorrect, the resting potential has to be restored before another impulse can fire
3. Incorrect, impulse cant conducted during the relative refractory period
4. Correct, refractory period prevents over stimulation of the nervous system

2. . Incorrect, the resting potential has to be restored before another impulse can fire


Hypothalamus is concerned with....

1. Regulation of basic survival needs
2. Memory
3. Planning
4. Relaying sensory information

1. regulation of basic survival needs


Correct statement about brain...

1. Both hemispheres have to work together for effective language use
2. The cerebral hemisphere are connected by the cerebral cortez
3. The left hemisphere regulates he logical + holistic organization of info
4. The blood brain barrier protects the brain from being bumped or injured

1. Both hemispheres have to work together for effective language use


Breathing difficulties during sleep, gasping for breath, hen back to sleep

Sleep apnea


Is sleep apnea a characteristic of narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is a characteristic by an overwelming need to sleep


Wake up, remember what u were dreaming. What stage of sleep have u woken up from?



Strong smell seems less intense as time passes.because receptor cells get tired of firing in response to continuous presentation of a stimulus. This called....

Sensory adaptation


Which refers to orienting reaction?

1. When stimulus is recognized /given meaning
2. Follows a sudden change in environmental stimulation
3. Habituation refers to he re-appearance of orienting reaction
4. All of the above

Follows a sudden change in environmental stimulation


Theory explains colour vision of red, green + blue retinal systems is...

1. Hering theory
2. Retinex theory
3. Opponent process theory
4. Trichromatic theory

Trichromatic theory


Shirt looks grey when viewed in shade. Which type of perceptual constancy refers to this phenomenon?

1. Constant brightness
2. Constant form
3. Constant size
4. None of above

Constant brightness


Tendency to group elements that are close together as though they represent a meaningful figure.which aspect of perceptual organization is operative here?

1. Principle of closure
2. Perceptual constancy
3. Principle of symmetry
4. Principle of proximity

Principle of proximity


Notice smell from flower, olfactory nerve has been triggered.which sensory system does olfactory nerve form part of?

1. Proprioceptive system
2. Somaesthetic system
3. Auditory system
4. Chemical system

Chemical system


Michael Drove over red robot,stopped by traffic officer. Doesn't want pay fine +plead with officer.if i pay my family with have nothing to eat for the whole week.i still must pay electrical acc.pls help me out!

What kind fallacious reasoning is Michael using here?

1. Relying on group characteristics to gain support for his conclusion
2. False analogy
3. Playing on sympathy to support the conclusion
4. Trying to discredit the issue by discrediting the person who supports it

Playing on sympathy to support the conclusion


What type of reasoning refers to the process of drawing a conclusion hat follows logically from two or more statements or premises?

1.Logical reasoning
2. Inductive reasoning
3. Critical reasoning
4. Deductive reasoning

Deductive reasoning


Conceptual errors can lead to errors if thinking.which is NOT example of conceptual errors?

1. All-or-nothing thought
2. Stereotypes
3. Prototypes
4. Oversimplification of complex concepts



Peter wants see movie at 8pm.he reasons must be in que around 7:30, it will take him 15 min to find parking lot+5 min to walk.+30min to drive he must leave home at 6:30. Which heuristic methods did peter apply to solve problem of time calculation?

1. Analogic analysis
2. Analysing the available means to attain the desired goal
3. Analysing steps necessary to attain desired goal
4. Checklist analysis

Analysing steps necessary to attain desired goal


Baby cries alot during night,sarah doesnt sleep well+cant cope with daily work.what 1st thing Sarah must do to solve problem?

1. Adopt a trial +error strategy until she finds a solution
2. Try the likeliest solution first
3. Recognize +define problem
4. Decide on advantages of different solutions

Recognize +define problem