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What is gender identity disorder?

mismatch between biological sex and gender a person identifies with


What is the biological explanation of brain sex theory?

GID caused by size of BSTc, a dimorphic area of the brain that its larger in men but the same size among GID people (Zhou)


What is the biological explanation of genetic influences?

- twin studies show 62% of GID cases accounted for by genetic variance (coolidge)


what is the social psychological explanation of psychoanalytic theory?

- GID in males is caused by extreme separation anxiety (ovesey and Person)


what is the social psychological explanation of cognitive explanations?

- dual pathway theory suggests the development of scheme causes us to identify with out group rather than in group


- contradictory evidence for BSTc

- Hulshoff Pol = BSTc affected by transgender hormone therapy
- brain area not fixed n childhood


- twin studies are inconclusive

- low concordance rates and small sample sizes
- difficult to separate nature and nurture as cause (interactionist)


- issues with psychoanalytic theory

- only applies to males and more likely to berated to concept of father (Rekers)
- concept difficult to test