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what is androgyny?

- balance of masculine and feminine traits
- bet stated a balance of the two causes better mental stability


what is Bem's BSRI?

- the 74 scale had 20 masculine, feminine and neutral traits and people rated themselves
- people classified as either masculine or feminine, androgynous or undifferentiated


+ scale appears valid and reliable

scale developed by asking 50 males and 50 females to rate 200 traits, and top 20 picked
- scale piloted with our 2000 students (validity)
- follow up study gave same results (test retest reliability)


+ Association with androgyny and good psychological wellbeing

- Bem emphasised that high androgyny causes good mental health
- better dealing with masculine, feminine or androgynous situations
- however sheer and Adams (85) said masculine traits more desirable in western society (cultural context)


- oversimplifies complex concept

- gender identity too complex to be single score
- Golombok (94) said gender is more global concept, broader issues should also be identified